Interactive Valorant map gives a full overview of the first battlefield

Riot Games

Valorant’s first battlefield has been turned into a highly detailed interactive map that allows players to familiarize themselves and get an early edge on the competition ahead of the game’s full release.

While the release of Riot’s FPS title could still be quite a ways off, players eagerly anticipating the release of Valorant have been breaking down every frame of footage and every scrap of new information with a fine-tooth comb.

As a result, Blitz has released an early overview of the game’s very first map in association with Riot Games, allowing players to mull over the layout and plan some early strategies.

Riot Games
Valorant could still be a ways off, but players are already able to take a deep dive into the game’s first full map.

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Before you can physically step foot into the world of Valorant, Blitz is allowing you to take in the landscape of the first map in the game.

From an overhead perspective, you can tell the bomb sites are much closer to the defending side of the map than the attacking.

Differing from CSGO in two key ways, defenders are dropped onto the battlefield 30 seconds before the attacking team, and three bomb sites are scattered across the map as opposed to just two.

This allows for a period of fresh strategy as defenders map out exactly where they want to position themselves to best get the jump on advancing enemies.

Additionally, as a 5v5 game, having three bomb sites also means that players will be scattered across larger maps than they may be used to in other titles.

A full overview of the first map in Valorant.

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The sprawling map is labeled in great detail already, giving players an early indication of callouts and hotspots to easily communicate with their teams.

From easily distinguishable ‘connectors’ and ‘tunnels’ to the more original ‘Heaven Stairs’ and even a spot featuring a ‘Gong,’ there’s plenty for players to grow familiar with.

Of note, however, this map overview does not appear to indicate any form of teleporter existing on this particular map. 

Only time will tell just how significant a feature they will become, though based on this official overview, it appears as though at least one map at launch will be free from teleporters.

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While Riot has only revealed a single game type for Valorant, focusing around bomb-defusal and round-based action, a number of additional modes will supposedly be in the works shortly after its release

Perhaps the future developments might see the introduction of entirely new maps as well, but for the time being, you can start developing your strategies for the first Valorant map.