Icebox leaves Valorant’s competitive map pool as Bind makes return

top view of Icebox map with the Valorant logoRiot Games

Icebox is about to leave Valorant’s competitive map pool shortly, making way for Bind’s return. Here’s everything you need to know about Icebox’s fate.

Recently, Riot Games announced that Bind will finally make a comeback to the game with Episode 6 Act III. This naturally meant one of the existing maps would be removed from the active pool, and now it’s revealed that the map going out is none other than Icebox.

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Icebox will leave both Competitive and Unrated queue map rotation of the game, and players will have to wait for some time before it makes it return again.

Valorant hasn’t revealed the date when Icebox will make a return. However, judging by the duration of Bind’s absence, it may take a couple of months or even longer.

Bind will replace Icebox in Competitive and Unrated queue map rotation with the release of patch 6.08. However, in order to prepare players for all the new Bind map changes, Riot will release the map with all its updates for all the other modes, like Deathmatch and Swiftplay, with the release of patch 6.07.

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It’s no news that maps come back with subtle changes after being removed from the active pool. The same happened with Split and now Bind, and it can be expected that Icebox will also face the same fate.

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