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How to reach higher ledges in Valorant using Omen’s Paranoia ability

Published: 24/Apr/2020 2:43

by Alan Bernal


A crafty technique with Omen’s Paranoia gives him the ability to boost over certain terrain, letting him get a faster reposition than the teleportation from Shrouded Step.

On offense, Paranoia is a useful tool to break out of a corner and rush defenders blinded by the projectile. On defense, it can be a crucial ability that can disorient an impending push by the attackers.

But if the round demands it, Omen’s Q can actually let him reach higher platforms that would typically only be accessible to the more agile Agents or by using the loud and lengthy cast of his C.


Riot Games
Omen’s toolkit already comes with a repositioning tool, but it also comes strapped with a sneaky boost/glide mechanic too.

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After tinkering around with Omen, user ‘finneman123’ and ‘whyimhere4’ saw that the Agent is given a small lift and glide shortly while activating Paranoia. Taking theory into practice, they were able to make use of the tech to find sneaky boosts.

While perched on top of the metal container in the middle of Bind’s B site, the player was able to use the Q mid-air to hop across to the shack’s roof inside of the entrance from Garden.

This is usually a one-and-done spot; but if you aim the Paranoia toward B long while boosting and timing it with the enemies’ push, you can possibly funnel a swarm of blinded players into your crosshairs.


When omen uses his q ability you glide/get lifted up, so i found some jumps on the three maps from VALORANT

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But that’s just scratching the surface of Omen’s potential with this technique. For example, if you’re repositioning from A Heaven to Mid Yard on Split then you can actually use Paranoia to blind mid while avoiding the cables to climb up.

Avoiding the climb up the ropes with your ability can make it so you aren’t in the compromising position of the loud cables to get out of the room.

Agents in Valorant are equipped with extensive toolkits that lets them create space, hinder sight, and the like.

Riot Games
Omen can get especially tricky with Paranoia to avoid crucial sound cues.

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It’s these kinds of tricks that slowly start to get embedded in Valorant players’ approach to a round which opens up the possibilities for incredible outplays.


With people learning more about Riot’s new shooter every day, it’ll be interesting to see how people develop their skills with Omen.