How to get IGNITE melee and capsule in Valorant

Declan Mclaughlin
INGITE melee in Valorant

Riot Games has released the IGNITE melee and capsule worldwide after the cosmetics were initially announced as China-only exclusives. Here is how you can get the melee and capsule.

The IGNITE melee is a knife cosmetic initially announced as a China-only exclusive for Valorant by Riot Games. The title has released in China recently and in celebration, Riot unveiled the new melee cosmetics in a showcase in the country.

The melee is a knife that can unfurl into a fan with VFX of flames around it while inspecting or slashing through enemies. The IGNITE melee comes in two versions, a purple and white knife and a red and gold knife.

Here is how Valorant fans can get their hands on the IGNITE melee and the capsule.

How to get the IGNITE melee and capsule in Valorant

Fans of Valorant will be able to purchase the IGNITE capsule on the in-game Valorant store when it releases.

The capsule features the two melee variants alongside two sprays, two Playercards, and two Player Titles.

The cosmetic pack will not be available for players to earn through the Battle Pass, so if players want to have the cosmetics, they’ll have to purchase the pack while it’s in the store.

The price for the cosmetic bundle has yet to be announced, however, one leak account has said players should expect to put up 4350 Valorant points, which is about $50.

When does the IGNITE capsule release

Valorant fans won’t have to wait long for the cosmetics to hit the storefront, as the release date for it is set for July 14.

The cosmetic data was included in the 7.01 Patch for Valorant. The bundle is a limited release, so its items will not return to the Valorant store or the Night Market. If fans want a piece of the melee, or the other cosmetics in the bundle, they will need to purchase it during the limited release time frame.