How Hiko went from CSGO’s Dad to VALORANT Superstar

Bill Cooney
hiko Valorant CSGO vid

Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin is widely considered as one of the best Counter-Strike players to come out of North America, but he was unable to ever hoist a coveted Major trophy for himself before switching to Valorant.

Now, Hiko looking to find new success in Riot’s FPS with 100 Thieves, despite helping to get Cloud9 and Team Liquid to where they are today as two of the top teams in professional CS:GO.

He was one of the first players to fully embrace Global Offensive when it initially came out, and fittingly enough, he was also one of the first pros to go all-in on Valorant – something that would become a trend shortly thereafter.

He’s joined by Nitro and Steel on 100 Thieves, who are often thought of as two of the top North American CS:GO products as well, and will be looking to capture some of the top-tier success that somehow eluded him during his illustrious Counter-Strike career.

Watching him play Valorant, it’s easy to see that Hiko hasn’t lost any of his aiming, mechanics, or other skills from the transition, but it remains to be seen if it will all be enough to get the trophies many think he deserves.