G2’s Valorant Champions Tour aspirations: “I wouldn’t say Heretics are above us”

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G2 Esports Valorant Pyth
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With the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) just around the corner and Red Bull Home Ground complete, G2 Esports have reasserted their European dominance. Jacob ‘pyth’ Mourujärvi has assured Dexerto that their reign won’t end anytime soon. 

2020 saw a year of dominance from G2 Esports Valorant lineup. With every single trophy under their belt up until First Strike Europe, it’s safe to say fans of the iconic organization were left a little disappointed at their lackluster performance.

The result was a shock roster change that saw fan favorite David ‘DavidP’ Prins benched and relative newcomer Aleksander ‘zeek’ Zygmunt take to Future Earth in black, red and white.

We caught up with G2’s pyth to discuss the squad’s ambitions going into the upcoming VCT, Valorant’s first ever global championship.

G2 aren’t worried going into VCT

G2 Esports Red Bull Home Ground Champions
Twitter: G2 Esports
A dominant showing saw G2 emerge triumphant.

Red Bull Home Ground showcased not only what G2 Esports could do, but also the likes of Team Liquid and SUMN FC.

Referring directly to their series with Team Liquid, pyth notes “they played very well and have improved a lot since the last time we played them.” However the Swedish Cypher legend notes that “we were still confident and knew we were gonna beat them.”

Red Bull has inspired the team to “look through our games and fix every small mistake we did,” pyth notes. “We also might make some small changes to our comp.”

It’s pretty clear though that the main change to the squad’s composition is zeek, whose performance singled him out as a star player. Pyth states that “[zeek] is coming in with a lot of hunger and individual skill & mechanics. With him, we are even better individually.”

So much better that the Swede isn’t remotely afraid of First Strike Europe champions, Team Heretics. Despite falling victim to Heretics’ win streak, he hits back at any non-believers by stating “I wouldn’t say Heretics is above us from just winning a close Bo3 against us.

“We have won far many more tournaments and just because they had a better day in one Bo3 doesn’t mean that they are better.”

Are G2 Esports back in business? Was this Red Bull Home Ground win just a fluke? We’ll find out during VCT very soon.

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