G2 reportedly denied Valorant franchise spot after Carlos & Andrew Tate controversy

G2 ocelote bomber jacketTwitter: CarlosR

After the fallout of Carlos Rodríguez being spotted partying with Andrew Tate, his organization G2 may have been denied a franchise spot for their Valorant team.

The fallout of the infamous video, showing the CEO of G2 Esports partying with Andrew Tate, continues to grow and it may be negatively impacting his organization.

Already, Carlos has agreed to take an unpaid leave as CEO of G2 for the next eight weeks.

Unfortunately, even though this was an isolated incident that didn’t seem to implicate the organization as a whole, it may have impacted G2’s position within the Valorant esports landscape.

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G2 gets denied Valorant franchise spot

It’s a crucial week in Valorant esports, as Riot’s President of Esports announced that 30 partner teams competing in three regional leagues (EMEA, Americas, and Pacific) would be announced this week.

Receiving one of these franchise spots in one of the fastest-growing esports would be a boon for the top organizations, who will guarantee consistent play and revenue for their Valorant division.

As one of the biggest esports organizations in the world, and a competitor in the VCT circuit since 2020, G2 would seem to be a favorite for one of those EMEA spots. However, recent reports suggest that will not be the case.

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First reported by neLendirekt and confirmed by George Geddes, G2 will not be offered a spot in any of these new major leagues. According to neL, that decision comes as a direct result of the recent controversy.

Distressingly, neL’s report says that G2 “had a spot locked up in NA” meaning they would have had the opportunity to face other massive franchises like Sentinels, LOUD, and Cloud9.

That leaves G2 with the unappealing options of either attempting to temporarily qualify for the league via the Challenger circuit or disband their Valorant roster altogether.

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Unfortunately, those players, coaches, staff, and fans of G2’s Valorant team will face an unpleasant future.

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