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TheDanDangler responds to Twitch charity stream backlash after taking big cut

Published: 20/Oct/2021 18:53 Updated: 21/Oct/2021 9:32

by Alec Mullins


After being targeted by a FaZe member for her recent charity stream, TheDanDangler has responded to accusations of both being greedy and taking advantage of her audience. 

Twitch streamer TheDanDangler held a charity stream on October 15 in which she donated 50% of the day’s earnings to support Breast Cancer Awareness.

A series of tweets from FaZe Santana has the community questioning if a 50-50 split is too high and if this behavior is ethical.

This controversy was initially sparked by a tweet from the Warzone streamer, who said he was “disgusted” by a streamer who only donated 50% of the proceeds of a Breast Cancer Awareness stream.


While he might not have mentioned anyone by name, it didn’t take long for the internet to connect the dots and TheDanDangler has addressed the concerns surrounding the stream.

TheDanDangler charity stream drama continues

Only a few hours after that initial tweet, the streamer took to Twitter to speak on the situation.

“I donated half of my earnings that day, and told everyone that was my plan?” she said in reply to Santana. “What did you do?”

One Twitter user commented on Santana’s original tweet, and suggested that clarity is the most important factor in a charity stream: “I feel like there’s some context missing. If she stated 50% donated from the beginning there’s no problem. But if she decided halfway through to only donate half that would be super cringe.”


Danyell also responded to this, saying: “I told people from the beginning. It was in my title.”

Charity streams are more common than ever on Twitch, and while it’s unlikely for the platform to get involved in instances like this, any backlash could open up the possibility for guidelines and regulations for such events in the future.