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Funniest moments from VCT Masters Reykjavik

Published: 1/Jun/2021 4:33 Updated: 1/Jun/2021 4:08

by Brad Norton


Valorant’s first international event is now in the books and we’ve put together all of the funniest moments from VCT Stage 2 Masters in Reykjavik.

While the competition was certainly intense, there’s no denying VCT Stage 2 Masters brought the laughs as well. From hilarious post-game celebrations to amusing in-game fumbles, some of the biggest moments weren’t necessarily highlight plays.

Fnatic’s Boaster and X10’s Patiphan led the charge with their on-stage antics, but plenty more were getting in on the fun as well. We’ve picked out the funniest moments from Reykjavik’s Stage 2 Masters.

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