Fnatic Valorant drops Moe following VCT Challengers 1 qualifier exit

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fnatic valorant moe tsack challengers 1 vct

Fnatic have dropped Muhammad ‘Moe’ Hariff from their Valorant team after their Stage 2 Challenger 1 exit earlier in the month.

  • Fnatic part ways with Moe shortly after benching
  • Tsack also dropped days before
  • Fnatic missed Masters qualification in Stage 1

Fnatic drops Moe amid roster shuffle

Fnatic officially parted ways with Moe on April 7 in light of the team’s shortcomings in the Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Challengers 1 Qualifiers.

They last played against Alliance in an 0-2 rout where only team captain Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett managed to go positive across the two games.

This follows a series of changes that Fnatic plans to make to their Valorant team which also included the release of Kostas ‘tsack’ Theodoropoulos on April 4.

“We came into Valorant with the ambition to be the best and despite immense work from all players and our performance team, we haven’t met our goals so we’ll spend the next week assessing how to move on from here,” Fnatic Team Director Colin ‘CoJo’ Johnson said after their loss in Challengers.

Boaster, tsack, Doma, Mistic and Moe went by SUMN FC before Fnatic picked up the entire roster.

Now the org is going to make changes to lineup in hopes of qualifying for Stage 2 Masters that’ll take place in Reykjavík, Iceland starting May 24.

Fnatic Valorant roster

Player Previous Team Position
Jake ‘Boaster’ Howlett SUMN FC Captain
Domagoj ‘Doma’ Fancev SUMN FC Entry
James ‘Mistic’ Orfila SUMN FC Controller

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