F4Q: How a ‘Stream Team’ made VCT Masters Berlin

Andrew Amos

Valorant’s best pro teams are about to descend on Masters Berlin. However, one unlikely entry is turning heads, with the ‘stream team’ of F4Q joining forces to blaze through the Korean bracket to join Vision Strikers on the flight to Germany.

We’ve all heard of Sentinels, 100 Thieves, and G2 Esports. However, there’s an unlikely threat at Masters Berlin in F4Q. The five-stack full of streamers, playing VCT for content and clips, beat Korea’s best to qualify for the international event.

That’s not to say F4Q doesn’t have street cred. Their roster features former OWL pros Zunba and Bunny. However, this Korean squad has proven that memes can become dreams ⁠— and they’re going to show that off at Masters Berlin.

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