Every VCT player entering free agency before 2024

Declan Mclaughlin
TenZ on Sentinels before VCT free agency began

The free agency period for VCT teams is on the horizon as Valorant teams look to bolster their rosters with free agents for the 2024 season. Dexerto has compiled a list of every VCT player with an expiring contract in 2023 who will be looking for a new deal.

The VCT 2023 season is coming to an end soon as Valorant Champions will conclude the competitive calendar on August 26. With the end of the season comes the start of the VCT offseason and the free agency period.

Players with VCT contracts expiring in 2023 will become free agents during that time and will be free to shop their talents around the international leagues or return to their teams on a new deal. Teams will also be free to pick up talent outside of the VCT league system, like from the Challengers Leagues.

However, many of the competitors with contracts expiring in 2023 are some of the top players in their leagues, or the world, and will have multiple organizations clamoring for their services.

Examples of players that teams will vie for to play on their rosters in 2024 are Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo and Erick ‘aspas’ Santos. All three have domestic or international trophies to their name and could add some immediate firepower to any squad looking to make a run at VCT Masters or Valorant Champions in 2024.

Some notable IGLs, a position that is always in need on top Valorant rosters, that will also be available this free agency period include LOUD’s Matias ‘Saadhak’ Delipetro, Sentinels’ Jimmy ‘Marved’ Nguyen and Global Esport’s Jordan ‘AYRIN’ He

Below is a list of every player with an expiring contract in 2023 that is set to become a free agent. Keep in mind there’s still a chance for their contract to be renewed, and that this list is subject to change during the lengthy off-season.

VCT free agent players for the 2023/24 offseason



  • TenZ
  • Marved

100 Thieves:

  • thwifo

Evil Geniuses:

  • Reformed


  • Tacolilla


  • aspas
  • Less
  • Saadhak
  • tuyz


  • s0m


FUT Esports:

  • mojj
  • Muj

BBL Esports:

  • AsLanM4shadoW
  • QutionerX
  • Turko
  • SouhcNi



  • iNTRO

Paper Rex:

  • CigaretteS

Global Esports:


Gen.G Esports:

  • Sylvan
  • TS
  • k1Ng
  • eKo
  • GodDead

DetonatioN FocusMe:

  • Reita
  • Suggest
  • Seoldam