EG star Valorant player shaves head live on VCT Americas after making playoffs

Jeremy Gan

EG’s Valorant star player Max “Demon1” Mazanov shaved his head live on the VCT Americas broadcast after promising to do so following MIBR’s win over 100 Thieves in the regular season, which gave his team a spot in the playoffs. 

VCT America’s regular season has wrapped up, and its playoffs are currently underway. And the final sixth spot in the post-season stage was hotly contested by three NA teams, EG, 100 Thieves, and Sentinels

EG hinged its playoff dreams on MIBR beating 100 Thieves in the regular season’s very last match. As a joke, Demon1 offered up his hair in a bet on MIBR winning the series to get EG the final playoff spot on twitter

Amazingly, despite not being favored, MIBR won the series with EG’s Valorant players celebrating clinching a playoff spot. And Demon1 made good on his promise to shave his hair off. 

Right before EG’s playoffs match against NRG, the hosts decided to make sure Demon1 stayed true to his promise. In an interview segment, we can see caster Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson, also known as “egg” because of his bald head, shaving Demon1’s head as he interviews him. 

Demon1 shaves head in celebration of making VCT Americas playoffs

As Sideshow shaved his head, Demon1 explained the reason for his absurd bet. “MIBR should not have won that match, I’m gonna be honest,” he said of his bet. 

He went on to elaborate on the disadvantages MIBR faced before their match. “For one, they were playing with a coach, and two, we played them like a week before, and 100 Thieves were just the better team.”

“I made that tweet for impressions,” he said of his betting tweet, prompting a response from Sideshow: “You got impressions and you got baldness, you can get 2-in-1.”

Sideshow also asked the all-important question: Would the bald buff work?

“Oh I hope it does, I hope it does,” Demon1 said, with Sideshow ending the interview doing a quite poor shaving job. 

And it seems the bald buff has worked out amazingly for EG, as they beat NRG 2-1 in an upset victory, with Demon1 at the top of the leaderboard and taking home the series MVP.