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Another major Cypher Spycam bug discovered in Valorant

Published: 26/Apr/2020 23:23 Updated: 26/Apr/2020 23:32

by Bill Cooney


Cypher’s Spycam is one of the most bug-ridden abilities so far in Valorant, and players have found another issue with the ability yet again.

The one-man surveillance network can already float in the air using his hidden camera thanks to another glitch, which only seemed to be the tip of the iceberg.

Now, another glitch has been discovered that basically removes all of the control Cypher is supposed to have over his Cyber Cages.

Riot Games
Cypher’s Cyber Cages not only reduce enemies field of view, they also slow them down.

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Cyber Cage works the same way as Brimstone and Viper’s smoke abilities – it creates a field that limits players’ vision as they pass through it.


It also slows enemies down, and you’re supposed to be able to switch between activating either of the two you can use at any one time, however, this new Spycam glitch seems to prevent that.

Reddit user panther8387 shared a clip of the “major Cypher bug” that they said was driving them absolutely insane, since it only allows you to activate one of your two traps.

“Basically, the issue is that I’m not able to switch back and forth between my traps,” panther explained. “How it happens is when once you go into your camera, you get stuck and you can’t deselect.”


Major Cypher Bug!! This one is making me crazy! from r/VALORANT

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“This is what makes it really annoying,” panther said as he attempted to attach to the cables on Split. “If I go to try and attach its detonated both of them because [the Spycam] is still selected on them.”

A glitch like this would definitely be considered a “major bug” as Panther said because it really does change how Cypher players have to approach setting up the map.

“It’s actually really annoying, it’s like, a major bug,” he said, because of the importance of putting your traps in certain areas of the map, especially on Split.


Cypher's abilities as they appear in Valorant's closed beta.
Riot Games
Cypher’s Spycam Signature Ability will likely need a few more tweaks during the beta.

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The Valorant beta seems to operating on a weekly update schedule, so if we don’t see this fixed in the 0.48 update, we could see it arrive along with competitive ranked play in update 0.49.