Best Cypher Spycam spots in Valorant to outplay enemies

by Andy Williams


Cypher is Valorant’s one-man surveillance network with the power to provide valuable intel, so these handy tricks will give you the inside scoop so you can stay one step ahead of your opposite number. 

While the spotlight has been on Raze and her “overpowered” abilities for the most part of Valorant’s closed beta, Cypher has spent his fair share of time in the spotlight.

While Riot has patched the Sentinel’s game-breaking Spycam exploit which allowed him to gun down enemies via the camera, there is a new bug in town — and it literally gives him a leg-up on his opponents.

Cypher's abilities as they appear in Valorant's closed beta.
Riot Games
Cypher’s Spycam Signature Ability will likely be tweaking once again in Valorant’s upcoming 0.49 patch.


Bugs aside, Cypher dominates the competitive meta in Valorant — and with good reason. Players who have got to grips with the surveillance expert can single-handedly hold a Reactor Site with their array of traps and recon utility.

Although, Cypher’s Spycam is often easily destroyed depending on just how sneaky players are when placing it. That’s where these nifty spots come into play.

Thanks to ProjectStrat, we have a round up of some of the best spots to place Cypher's camera. These spots will give you the best vantage points and also keep your camera out of sight.

Cypher gltich on Split.
TheNeoStrike (Reddit)
This spot on Split will likely be tweaked in an upcoming patch, but there are plenty of other sneaky spot to utilize.


Best Spycam spots in Valorant

Here are a couple of examples of some clever spots which any Cypher main can utilize, to gather essential intel which can alter the course of a round.

First up is Hookah on Bind — a popular location for enemy teams to take control over when pushing Reactor Site B. Cypher can place a Spycam on the ceiling, which provides a perfect angle and is likely to go unnoticed. Combine this with some Trapwires and you can delay the enemy push long enough to call in a rotation from your teammates.


Second is a sly spot behind a stack of boxes on A-Short — another location enemy teams like to get early control of. By placing the Spycam behind the gap in the boxes, the camera is almost fully concealed from enemy sight while still giving a perfect view from the Teleporter to A-Short.


Finally is a spot in A Showers/Bath, where Cypher can place their Spycam on the lightshade to avoid the enemy spotting it as they walk in from A-Long. This could save vital player resources, as your team will no longer need to dedicate an Agent to prevent early control of this area.

Bind isn’t the only map covered, as there are spots for your Spycam on both Haven and Split, alongside some handy one-way Cyber Cage spots.