100 Thieves’ Kyedae apologizes for “body shaming” Valorant Masters players

Kyedae TenzKyedae/Twitch

100 Thieves’ streamer Kyedae has apologized after being criticized for comments she made during a co-stream of the VCT Masters Berlin playoffs, causing some fans to accuse her of “body shaming”.

Trash talk is nothing new to esports, as any long-time CoD or CSGO fan will tell you.

It usually happens at the expense of players, but Kyedae — partner to Sentinels pro Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo — has set off a chain reaction in the community.

During her watch party of VCT Masters Berlin, Kyedae called Envy player Austin ‘crashies’ Roberts a “scrawny f**k” while his team was on their way to beating Sentinels 2-0.

She’s also been accused of calling G2’s Cista ‘keloqz’ Wassim “noodle arms” by some fans as well.

People have been reacting to Kyedae’s comments with two general responses: Anger at the streamer’s words, and confusion as to why this blew up in the first place.

“It’s kinda messed up to personally insult someone live in front of 50k+ viewers, especially when that person has a severe food allergy,” crashies’ Envy teammate Jaccob ‘yay’ Whiteaker tweeted about the situation.

TenZ replied to yay, calling the comment “pretty small in comparison” to other unsavory comments he’s heard from fellow Valorant pros.

“Sent those scrawny f**ks straight to Lumbridge,” FNS joked on Twitter following the match.

24 hours after the comments went viral though, Kyedae issued an apology on Twitter to crashies.

“The way I went about calling him that is inexcusable. I’m sorry to not only Crashies but to anyone else that I hurt with the insensitive remark towards body image,” she said in a September 18 Twitlonger.

“I really shouldn’t be commenting on people’s looks and I can’t call it a joke when the other person isn’t laughing.”

Kyedae also remarked that she had received death threats over her comments. She is also contemplating taking a break from streaming as she works through her “full-time student workload”.

“After tomorrow, I will be taking some time to continue reflecting on this, and spend time with Tyson.

“I’m going to do better at drawing the line on what is banter compared to overstepping boundaries into something harmful.

“I know my actions were disappointing today and I’m sorry to not only my audience, but also Crashies’ audience and anyone struggling that I’ve affected with my insensitive comment.”

Crashies accepted Kyedae’s apology, saying the situation “got blown up completely out of proportion.”

100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag also backed Kyedae: “Every single person that has had the pleasure of getting to know you understands that there is no malicious intent in your heart or in your words.”

Additional reporting by Dexerto’s Andrew Amos