You Season 4 fan theory suggests killer is just Joe’s imagination

Joe Goldberg staring out of window in You Season 4Netflix

Fans who have already watched the first part of Netflix’s You Season 4 have started devising their own theories for what comes next when the second half of the season goes live — and some think the murderer in the show may be a figment of Joe’s imagination.

Season 4 of You dropped on Friday, February 10, to much fanfare on Netflix. The show has quickly become one of the biggest in the world, as Joe Goldberg is forced to take on fake identities and relocate, leaving a string of dead partners and enemies behind him.

As with the previous three seasons, every twist and turn was unexpected, and it’s never clear what exactly you’re going to get before the final episode’s big payoff.

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With viewers having to wait for the second batch of S4 episodes on Thursday, March 9, fan theories are running rampant across social media, but this one almost sounds like it might actually hold some weight.

Warning: You Season 4 spoilers ahead.

You Season 4 murderer could be in Joe’s head

YouTuber BrainPilot put together a thoroughly thought-out video, expressing his theory that with how much Season 4 departed from previous seasons — with Joe (or Jonathan Moore, as he is now known) no longer the one committing the murders — the situation could be even weirder than we originally thought.

In Episode 5, it was revealed that Rhys Montrose, the popular author and friend of the group Joe finds himself hanging out with, was the ‘Eat the Rich Killer’, even attempting to leave Joe for dead.

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BrainPilot argued that Rhys is simply a product of Joe’s imagination, with Joe committing the murders without even realizing it. Rhys, he explains, is dramatically different from the rest of the characters, being much more similar to Joe than any of the others.

He never even interacted with any of the other characters, only Joe, making it much more plausible that Rhys simply doesn’t exist.

BrainPilot added that Joe did have some motives for killing the characters, explaining that he has “killed people for less.”

Finally, he explains that Rhys may well be completely real, but that Joe could have never met him and simply conjured up this relationship from nothing, having related heavily to Montrose’s memoir after reading it.

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As far as fan theories go, this one definitely feels like it could hold some weight, though we’ll have to wait until March 9 to receive any kind of confirmation.

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