Yellowstone fans have spotted a major character plothole

Jessica Cullen
Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone looking into the distanceParamount

Yellowstone fans always have a question or two surrounding the logic of the Paramount series, but their latest obsession is a major one.

Taylor Sheridan is known for a few things other than being a big-screen deity. His biggest trademark? He loves to skip over the facts. Logic and sense have no place on the Dutton ranch, and that’s why Yellowstone is so loved.

Fans of the show are always quick to point out plotholes. Much like Rip keeping the ranch hands in line, those Yellowstone viewers love to call Sheridan out on his nonsense.

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The latest spot, however, is less of a plothole and more of a giant, gaping crater when it comes to the finances of one particular Yellowstone character. And, naturally, it involves everyone’s least favorite Dutton brother: Jamie.

Jamie Dutton’s major character plothole in Yellowstone

On the Yellowstone subreddit, one fan made of point of noting that Jamie’s ability to buy his own ranch in Season 4 on an Attorney General’s salary is almost impossible.

“So I looked up how much government salaries are in Montana and was surprised to see that Jamie as Attorney General makes more money than John as Governor,” wrote jlive9. “The Governor makes $118k while the Attorney General makes $145k. Making $145k before tax, there is no way he affords property more than $1.5M unless he’s taking bribes.”

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Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone, buying a ranchParamount

This all happens in the Yellowstone episode ‘Phantom Pain’, in which Jamie decides to finally get out from under John Dutton’s thumb and buy his own property. The property has at least 1,000 acres, a creek, and a fully-built house. Not to mention a few juicy tie-ins like pens, cattle, farming equipment — everything down to the “plates in the cupboard.”

On paper, it all sounds like a sweet deal. But the asking price isn’t specified, so it’s hard to know just big of a check Jamie writes for the ranch. However, it’s safe to assume this property is worth much more than $1.5 million, considering everything that’s included.

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Could Jamie afford the ranch?

Looking at some Montana properties currently for sale, the average price for a ranch with at least 1,000 acres ranges drastically. But properties with similar features (like creeks and set-ups for livestock) start from around $2.5 million and can reach $9 million+.

Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone with his birth fatherParamount

So yes, Jamie probably wouldn’t be able to sign for this place unless he had some other financial income elsewhere. It’s Yellowstone logic. Others have tried to justify the money issue by suggesting different ways Jamie could have afforded the land. (His salary as the Dutton ranch’s attorney, for example.) But, realistically, does it matter?

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Anyone who loves Yellowstone will say it’s not the well-researched details that hooks viewers. If anything, it’s the opposite. Frankly, Jamie can buy as many outrageously expensive ranches as he wants if it means he can keep causing trouble for the rest of the Duttons. And when all is said and done and Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2 has come and gone, fans will be dying for more Sheridan nonsense.

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