Yellowstone fans prepare for “Game of Thrones ending” after new report 

Jessica Cullen
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For Yellowstone fans, everything’s been a little hazy since the news hit that Kevin Costner might not be returning to Taylor Sheridan’s flagship show. Now, new reports suggest that the hit drama series could wind up with a “Game of Thrones ending”.

Trying to imagine Yellowstone without Kevin Costner would be like trying to imagine the Dutton ranch without cattle. It just doesn’t work. Costner’s John Dutton is undoubtedly one of the most important Yellowstone characters, so when it was revealed that Yellowstone season 5 part 2 might not include him at all, viewers were stunned.

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The word came after the conclusion of Yellowstone season 5 part 1, alleging that Costner had been in conflict with Sheridan over scheduling matters, and was unlikely to return. It was also revealed that the mainline Yellowstone series would conclude early with the upcoming episodes… it wasn’t a great day for fans, that’s for sure.

So there’s one big question for Yellowstone to answer: how will it all end? Well, according to recent reports surrounding Costner’s will-he-won’t-he return to the final episodes, it might just end up repeating Game of Thrones’ unforgettable flop of an ending.

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Yellowstone could have “Game of Thrones ending”

According to Puck News, Costner has been rallying to return the series, which might sound like sweet country music to the ears of Yellowstone fans. However, Taylor Sheridan has allegedly already penned the final episodes…and they don’t include Costner at all.

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Fans of the Dutton family have been quick to react to this, with one user on the Yellowstone subreddit suggesting that this could be a “House of Cards/Game of Thrones ending.”

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GoT fans will remember the dark days of the HBO show’s final season, which has since been dubbed as one of the biggest small-screen disappointments in years. While the GoT finale was criticized for several reasons, the House of Cards ending was also notable for removing its lead — Kevin Spacey — from the final season.

While Yellowstone would have to do a lot more to match the Game of Thrones finale (destroying a city and killing off multiple characters, for instance), it’s clear why Costner’s potential absence is making fans nervous. Yellowstone has always been a show obsessed with legacy and family. Take away the Dutton family patriarch and the leading Yellowstone cast member, and what’s left of that? Not a whole lot.

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Still, it’s not all doom and gloom for Costner. His two-part Western epic, Horizon, is set to hit theaters not once, but twice this year. And for what it’s worth, he’d probably do just fine in Westeros.

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