Xbox boss admits The Last of Us set “an incredibly high bar” for Halo show

master chief with joel and ellie in the last of usHBO/Microsoft

Xbox boss Phil Spencer says the success of The Last of Us on HBO should inspire the Halo TV series to reach the same level.

The Last of Us has become a television hit. Despite being only two episodes in, even Phil Spencer is absolutely loving the series and believes it’s fantastic.

In a recent interview with IGN, Spencer praised the series, saying the team did a “great job with an adaptation of a fantastic game on the television screen.”

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He also believes that its quality is something that other series, such as Paramount’s Halo show, can learn from and aspire to be like.

Phil Spencer wants Halo to be like TLOU in Season 2

When asked if he hopes Halo can rise to the level set by The Last of Us in Season 2, Spencer didn’t mince words.

“I think there are some differences there, but I don’t think that the point of the question of, ‘Hey, Last of Us is out there, setting an incredibly high bar. Should we all aspire to reach that same bar with the work that we do in television?’ Absolutely.”

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A still from The Last of UsHBO
The Last of Us has been a huge hit.

However, he went on to state he could say the exact same thing about video games and how other titles on PlayStation or Nintendo can inspire Xbox to work even harder.

“Every time I play a great game from somebody, it inspires us to do the best work that we can, to hope that next time we show up, we’re showing up with our best creative, our best ideas, and finding people who either love watching, in the case of the Halo television show, or playing, in the case of things like Hi-Fi Rush and the games that are coming out this year.”

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Unlike The Last of Us, Halo’s TV show was met with a mixed reaction at best, with many believing it deserved better than what it received with its small-screen adaptation.

We’ll have to see if the series can make a big turnaround for Season 2 and if TLOU can in fact help push it to the next level.

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