Wizards of Waverly Place revival rumored for Disney Plus

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Everything is not what it seems… but it does seem like Wizards of Waverly place could be coming back in a new revival on Disney+.

If you could fix any problem with the slightest of means, if with a snap of the finger you could make your bed, if a certain wizarding Disney show could be getting a revival… would you believe it?

Wizards of Waverly Place, the Disney sitcom about a family of wizards in New York that kickstarted Selena Gomez’s career, is still embedded in the heart of many a grown-up kid. Even I loved the show, and I never actually had the Disney Channel.

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Disney has been all about the reboots lately, with the – sadly canceled – Lizzie McGuire reboot, the Raven’s Home show, and now, Wizards of Waverly Place could be joining that list.

Is a Wizards of Waverly place reboot happening?

We can currently confirm at Dexerto that, sadly, no, a WOWP reboot is not on the cards, despite what some rumors say.

A rumor had recently come out from Twitter account Ember, who is a reputable leaker, and who made a – now deleted – tweet that showed a still from Wizards of Waverly Place, alongside the Disney+ logo, leading many to believe that some form of reboot could be happening.

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However, this rumor was later debunked by Todd J. Greenwald, the creator and executive producer of WOWP, in a series of tweets.

In the tweets, Greenwald first stated that he was “Making an announcement about an announcement” which led to a Disney fan account inquiring “If it’s about a Wizards of Waverly Place spin-off”.

However, according to Greenwald, the announcement was “NOT WIZARDS. That baby needs to be put to bed”, ultimately refuting any chances of a reboot happening any time soon.

Would a Wizards of Waverly place reunion ever happen?

While a reboot is currently off the cards, considering that a lot of the cast would be up for a reunion, and Selena Gomez becoming a TV star once again with Only Murders in the Building, perhaps it’s only a matter of time before something comes to fruition.

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In fact, two stars did reunite in 2020. David Henrie, who plays Justin, and Gregg Sulkin, who plays Mason, discussed a potential reunion while reacting to some of the show’s clips on YouTube.

“I’ve talked to some people. Talked to some people that are decision-makers, to my sis Selena [Gomez] and I have to be very tactful with my response here because I’ll say there’s a lot of goodwill. I don’t think anyone’s opposed to the idea, but I think it’s a matter of time,” Henrie said.

“Could be tomorrow. Could be a year from now. But I’d say there’s reasonable hope that there will be a reunion one day.”

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Sulkin added, “I can only speak on behalf of myself. I would be so humbled, so privileged and I couldn’t think of anything better.”

In terms of what the reboot could be about, Henrie has some ideas. In 2020, he pitched them to Access, stating, “Justin’s off doing his thing at Wiz Tech, he’s probably got a family, he’s busy with his duties. Alex is like a fashionista, like the Meryl Streep of the wizard world. She’s doing her thing.

“Jake [Max] is like a sub shop conglomerate, like he’s the Subway of sub shops. If you have everyone in their own world, doing their own stuff, and we had forgotten how to be a family, that would be a great place to start the show. And also, Alex, one of the big things is Alex can’t find love, until Mason comes back in the picture.”

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Wizards of Waverly Place is available to stream on Disney+.