Will Jenna Ortega return in You Season 5?

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Jenna Ortega was a highlight of You Season 2, with many fans hoping that she’d be back for Season 4. While not the case, could she be back for Season 5?

Hello, You. After taking the world by storm since its 2018 release, You, the Netflix show that is based on the book series by Caroline Kepnes, has been getting bigger and bigger with every season. This series saw Joe take on the Eat the Rich killer, along with a new lover and a stalker of his own.

We don’t really get any recurring characters so far this season, apart from Joe himself – even the glass cage is yet to be spotted – and while that’s because most of them are dead, there was one face fans were hoping to see.

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Ellie Alves, a character played by Jenna Ortega, who appeared in Season 2, managed to make it out alive, leaving fans to believe that she’d reappear. Does this mean that we’ll see her in Season 4 or 5?

Was Jenna Ortega in Season 4?

At the end of Season 2, Ortega’s character Ellie survived Joe’s loving rampage, but she didn’t walk away unscathed. After the death of her only remaining family Delilah, Joe gave Ellie money and told her to run away in order to avoid suspicion for her sister’s murder.

While Ellie cried that she hated Joe, she did what he asked, and as of Season 3, we were told that he was still sending her money so she could survive on her own. This of course kept her linked in Joe’s life, meaning that there was plenty of potential for her eventual return to the series.

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However, it seems like she will not be in You Season 4. Perhaps Netflix could be throwing us for a loop, and she’ll appear in Part 2 of Season 4, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

Though this isn’t due to the show’s wishes, rather Jenna Ortega’s busy schedule as her stardom only grows. She has recently become a major scream queen, starring in A24’s horror film X and the newst films in the Scream franchise.

It seems like Ortega’s newest Netflix show Wednesday was the main obstacle for her appearance in You Season 4. According to You showrunner Sera Gamble, “We wanted to bring Ellie back and we heard, ‘Oh, Jenna is doing some show.'”

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She told IndieWire, “It’s been just such a pleasure to see Jenna this year. We have ideas for Ellie if her schedule allows her to visit us again.”

Though while Ellie may not be appearing this season, other characters have been teased by Gamble: “Any character who’s not dead who knows anything about Joe, it’s fair game to try to exert any justice. And any character who is dead, he has a really active imagination.”

This includes Joe’s ex-wife Love Quinn, who has recently appeared in the teaser for You Season 4 Part 2.

Will Jenna Ortega be in You Season 5?

As of writing, Jenna Ortega’s appearance in You Season 5 has yet to be confirmed.

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However, it could be a possibility. As stated above, the showrunners are happy for Ellie to return, and they even have ideas for what they would do with her. Plus, in 2019 Ortega told Teen Vogue that she would love to reprise her role: “It would be amazing to see Ellie come back and take control of her life.

“I just want her to be an even bigger badass. I don’t want her to come back and be extremely vulnerable and sad. We have to remember that even though people still find Joe somewhat charming, he’s evil, he does terrible things, and he gets away with them because of his gender and race and his position in society. [Ellie] has so much potential and so much talent that she shouldn’t waste because of him.”

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Ultimately, Ortega’s schedule will decide whether or not Ellie returns. We’ll have to see if Wednesday Season 2 also gets in the way. Fingers crossed that won’t be the case.

We will update this article as You continues. For now, you can check out the rest of our You coverage here.