Where is Rick and Morty this week?

Rick and Morty stepping out of a portal.Adult Swim

If you were planning to watch Rick and Morty this week, you were bang out of luck, as the time-travelling, dimension-traversing duo were nowhere to be seen.

Rick and Morty is mid-way through Season 6 on AdultSwim on the US and E4 in the UK.

The critically acclaimed – and hugely popular – animated show follows the adventures of genius scientist Rick and his somewhat less smart grandson Morty as they journey through the galaxy creating problems, and then fixing those problems.

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So far this season they’ve done a Die Hard spoof, battled night-time zombie versions of themselves, and nearly destroyed the world in a fortune cookie factory. But this week? Nothing.

Where is Rick and Morty this week?

If you tuned into Rick and Morty on Sunday night (or Monday morning in the UK), there was nothing but a void (or some alternative programming, obviously).

That’s because Rick and Morty is on hiatus. AdultSwim made the announcement via a Tweet that said “See you in six week” while urging viewers to “use this time to expand your mind in preparation for the rest of the season.”

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This isn’t the first time Rick and Morty has taken a break mid-way through a series, as previous seasons have also seen the show press pause during its run.

When will Rick and Morty return?

Following the last episode – ‘Juricksic Mort‘ – which saw the dynamic duo embarking on a dinosaur-flavored Jurassic Lark, Season 6 will return on November 20 (or 21 if you are in the UK). Meaning we’ve got a full six weeks to wait for Episode 7.

AdultSwim also released a trailer teasing the show’s return…

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If you can’t wait until November 20, you can wallow in the recent past by enjoying our reviews of the previous six episode here.