Viral British gangster Bobby Cummines wants Tom Holland to play him in biopic

Cameron Frew
Tom Holland in The Devil all the time

Bobby Cummines, a former gangster who was once Britain’s youngest armed robber, wants Tom Holland to play him in his biopic.

Holland is best known for being the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, making his debut in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War after earlier earning acclaim for his performance in The Impossible.

While it may be his most popular role, the actor has tried to spread his wings. In the past six years, he’s also starred in The Lost City of Z, The Current War, The Devil All the Time, and Cherry.

The latter role saw him play PTSD-afflicted veteran who robbed banks. If Cummines has his way, Holland could play another armed robber in the future.

Bobby Cummines wants Tom Holland to play him in biopic

Cummines is a former gangster, protection racketeer, armed robber, and criminal enforcer who once served as part of a fearsome group known as The Chaps. Before he was imprisoned, he employed extreme violence and was told to treat victims as vermin.

He was sentenced to 18 years behind bars, but his prison journey saw him become a leading reformed offender, with the Queen even awarding him an OBE in 2011.

Cummines recently appeared on LADbible’s Right to Reply, where he responded to YouTube comments about him. In response to someone asking if there should be a movie about him, he said: “Well they’re doing so… out in America.

“I’m meeting them in October/November to look at the scripts and sign the contracts… if I wanna sign the contracts, because it’s all according to how they’ve done the script.”

He was then asked if he’s going to be a movie star, to which he joked: “No I’m not being a movie star. I’ve got plastic teeth and a bald head. They’re gonna get some handsome, aren’t they, who looks the part.”

While initially suggesting Brad Pitt, and even saying Phil Collins should play him in his later years, he then brought up Holland. “There was a guy who did an interview with you, a nice young guy… Tom Holland, the Spider-Man guy,” he said, citing his “well-educated” accent.

“I’d love to see him be Bobby Cummines with a cockney accent. I’d get a buzz outta that. You wanna play hard parts? You play that part, mate, with a cockney accent… I’d love to see him play that, that’d give me a kick.”

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