The Polar Express 2 is in the works after 20 years

Gabriela Silva
Main character Hero Boy in The Polar Express.

The most beloved Christmas movie is in the works to return, but this time in a sequel as The Polar Express 2 is finally underway.

Every holiday season, there’s a long list of Christmas movies that everyone enjoys with a mug of hot chocolate wrapped in a cozy blanket. The Polar Express has been a staple for years since its release in 2004.

It captured fans’ hearts as it was a movie adaptation of the 1985 children’s book of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg. Set during Christmas Eve, a young boy gets the experience of a lifetime when a mysterious train stops outside his window.

He’s invited on a magical journey alongside other children to the North Pole to meet Santa Clause as he prepares for Christmas.

The Polar Express 2 is getting “worked out”

The movie wasn’t the biggest box office success, but fans have always wondered about a sequel.

The original producer Gary Goetzman teases that The Polar Express 2 is underway. When discussing his films that he’d like to do sequels to, The Polar Express got special mention.

“So, they all take time and that’s okay because we don’t mind things going slowly. But that is trying to be worked out now, for sure, Polar 2. Yes,” said Goetzman, according to

His statement does not indicate how far in development the sequel is, or whether Tom Hanks will return as the conductor.

The Polar Express was a first of its kind with the use of a digital capture style for its animation but 20 years later the movie could go even further in terms of animation in detail.

In December 2023, fans got their hopes up when a fake Polar Express 2 poster circulated online. It created a frenzy and it seems everyone’s wish is coming true.