Teen Wolf The Movie: The time jump explained

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Teen Wolf: The Movie is set a number of years after the show ended – so why the time jump, what’s changed, and where is everyone now?

Teen Wolf, the hit supernatural YA series from the 2010s, has another instalment out now. From MTV and Jeff Davis, the same creative team of the series, comes a new horror-esque movie which is set a few years after the events of the show. 15 years after Allison’s death in fact, though it seems like she’s not dead anymore.

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The official plot of the film is as thus: “A full moon rises in Beacon Hills, and with it a terrifying evil has emerged. The wolves are howling once again, calling for the return of Banshees, Werecoyotes, Hellhounds, Kitsunes, and every other shapeshifter in the night. But only a werewolf like Scott McCall, no longer a teenager yet still an Alpha, can gather both new allies and reunite trusted friends to fight back against what could be the most powerful and deadliest enemy they’ve ever faced.”

But what’s been going on with Scott and his allies? Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be explaining, as many of them haven’t been back to Beacon Hills in a long time. Now, we won’t really be getting into the events of the movie, so don’t worry, spoilers will be limited. Most of this information is given in the first 10 minutes, we’re just helping you get up to speed.

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Where is Scott McCall in the Teen Wolf Movie?

scott teen wolf movieParamount+

As stated by Jeff Davis in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “I can tell you it’s a jump in time ahead, so we actually see an older Scott McCall. Scott McCall is now older than Tyler Posey.” Scott is single – he and Malia have long since broken up – but he is starting to desire a family, children and all.

Scott is still an alpha – which now sounds weird in an age of self-prescribed alpha males – and he still works in an animal clinic/shelter with Deaton. However, this clinic is now in LA, and Scott also works with the LAFD in animal rescue, since he can heal, has super strength, and can help control dogs.

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Where is Lydia Martin in the Teen Wolf Movie?

lydia martin teen wolf movieParamount+

Lydia, despite being more into Math in the series, now works in science, renewable energy to be exact. Living in San Francisco, she’s got a head role at her company, which means that she can easily sneak into her office to have her Banshee visions.

However, she hasn’t used her Banshee scream in a while, and it’s revealed that this is due to her relationship with Stiles. To find out more about their relationship, and whether Stydia are still together in the movie, read here.

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Where is Allison Argent in the Teen Wolf Movie?

allison teen wolfParamount+

We won’t give much information on Allison, as she is presumed to be dead after she was killed by the Nogitsune and the Oni all the way back in Season 3B.

It’s been 15 years since her death, but now Scott and Chris Argent are getting visions that involved her, and it seems like Allison may be caught in-between life and death… or is she? To find out the truth about Allison, read here.

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Where is Stiles Stilinski in the Teen Wolf Movie?

stiles teen wolfMTV

Sadly, Stiles is not featured in the Teen Wolf movie due to Dylan O’Brien turning the film down, stating to Variety in March 2022 that “it was a difficult decision. A lot went into it.” And if you want to know how O’Brien’s absence affects Stiles and Lydia’s relationship, namely whether Stydia are still together, read here.

Ultimately, whatever is going on in Stiles’ life isn’t covered very much. We can assume that he is still an FBI agent, but the most we get is his dad saying, “He’s got his own fires to put out.”

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Where is Malia Tate in the Teen Wolf Movie?

malia teen wolfParamount+

Malia and Scott – aka Scalia – despite being the show’s endgame, are no more in the film, having broken up a while ago. Malia is now in a – very graphic – relationship with Parrish.

Not much else is known about Malia’s life. She is still as blunt as ever with everyone, so clearly her social skills haven’t improved after being freed of her were-coyote-self.

Where is Derek Hale in the Teen Wolf Movie?

teen wolf movieParamount+

Derek’s storyline is perhaps the biggest indicator of time changing. He has a son named Eli, who he must have had the same year as when the series ended, since Eli is high school age. Eli hasn’t shown any sign of werewolf powers, which is a source of friction between father and son.

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When not acting as a father, Derek works as a consultant to Beacon Hill’s Police Force, using his superior sense of smell to hunt out clues.

Where is Liam Dunbar in the Teen Wolf Movie?

Liam teen wolf movieParamount+

Liam – who you may not recognize due to his beard – has seemingly left Beacon Hills, now working at a restaurant in Japan with new character Hikari Zhang. It seems that he and Hayden have broken up, since Hayden is neither seen nor mentioned in the movie.

Liam is still a beta werewolf – it’s unlikely that he would ever try to kill Scott again after that fiasco in Season 5, meaning that he would never steal Scott’s alpha powers. And considering he hardly interacts with anyone from his junior pack, it doesn’t seem that he will ever become a True Alpha.

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Where is Kira Yukimura in the Teen Wolf Movie?

kira teen wolfMTV

Sadly, Kira is nowhere to be found in the movie. She was offered a role in the film after being unceremoniously cut from the show in between Seasons 5 and 6 – however, Deadline reported that Cho would not be reprising her role after she was offered only half the pay of her white co-stars.

There is another character added in, Hikari Zhang, but it’s pretty clear that she is meant to be a Kira substitute, as she is a Kitsune that wields a sword and later saves Scott’s life, despite neither of them really interacting with one another beforehand.

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Where is Jackson Whittemore in the Teen Wolf Movie?

jackson teen wolf movieParamount+

Not a lot is known about what Jackson is up to these days. He could still be living in London, though it’s made clear that he contacts and visits Lydia a significant amount, so perhaps he’s moved back to the states.

He is still in a relationship with werewolf Ethan, though we don’t see his partner in the film. Jackson now acts in a team with Lydia, attempting to find out why certain events in the film are happening, though Jackson seems rather put out to do so.

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Where are other Teen Wolf characters in the movie?

teen wolf the movieParamount+

There are a number of supporting cast members, but not much is given about what they’ve been doing in the last 15 years, so let’s list them quickly:

  • Mellissa McCall: Scott’s mom is still working at the hospital. It’s unclear if she is still with Chris Argent, but the film suggests that they’ve since separated.
  • Chris Argent: Read above for his relationship details, but he still works as a hunter, and lately he’s been suffering from visions of his dead daughter Allison.
  • Alan Deaton: Deaton now works with Scott in LA at the animal shelter/clinic, and consults Scott during his work with the Fire Department. He is still giving sage advice to Scott.
  • Peter Hale: Not much is known about what he’s been up to, but considering it’s Peter, he’ll have been up to no good. His relationship with his daughter Malia is still tense.
  • Mason Hewitt: Mason is now working as a Police Officer with Stile’s dad. He still lives in Beacon Hills, and doesn’t seem to interact much with Liam.
  • Noah Stilinski: Stile’s dad is still serving as Police Chief of Beacon Hills, and still seems to be in contact with his son.
  • Coach Bobby Finstock: Coach is still, well, coaching, particularly the Beacon Hills High lacrosse team, but it now seems that his favorite student in Greenberg, who is still a student at the school.
  • Parrish: Parrish is still serving on the Beacon Hills Police Force. He is now in a relationship with Malia, and he seems to have a better grasp on his Hell Hound Powers, though he does still struggle sometimes.
  • The Nogitsune: The Nogitsune has still been trapped in its box over the past 15, but in this film, someone is about to set it free…

Teen Wolf: The Movie is currently available to stream on Paramount+. You can also check out more of our coverage of the film here.

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