Teen Wolf The Movie: Is Allison back? Twist villain explained

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One of the main plot lines in Teen Wolf: The Movie is Allison’s return – but is she really back, and is she the villain?

Teen Wolf, the hit supernatural YA series from the early 2010s, is back, and this time, so is Allison. For those not in the know, Allison was a lead and the main love interest for Scott McCall during the earlier seasons of the show, until (at the request of actor Crystal Reed) she was killed off at the end of Season 3B.

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She was killed by the Oni, minions of the Nogitsune, but now both have returned. Fans should be excited to see Allison again, however, from her ominous presentation in the marketing, and the fact that the Nogitsune is back to wreak havoc and play tricks, many fans assumed that she would either be an illusion or remain alive for a short amount of time. She could have even been the villain of the film, as she did take on a more antagonistic role during Season 2 in 2012.

So what is Allison’s deal in Teen Wolf: The Movie? Is she back for real, or is she a tool for the Nogitsune? Let us explain… but first, SPOILER WARNING!

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Is Allison really alive In Teen Wolf: The Movie?

Yes, Allison is alive in Teen Wolf: The Movie. Not only that, she stays alive past the film’s end. Let’s get into it…

At the beginning of the film, a cloaked figure steals the tomb that holds the Nogitsune and frees the trickster spirit. We also find out that Scott and Chris Argent (Allison’s dad) have been suffering with visions of Allison. It becomes clear rather quickly that these events are linked, but Scott believes that Allison is caught between life and death, and intends to help her.

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With Lydia and Malia, Scott drives the sword that killed Allison into the Nemeton tree, which then leads to Allison suddenly appearing on the tree, perfectly intact, despite having been cremated after her death.

The group takes her to the hospital as they try to figure out what’s going on. But when Allison awakes, dazed and confused, it’s clear that she’s not the same Allison as before. She doesn’t recognize Scott, and can’t speak to her father. Therefore, after a fight in which she brutally beats werewolves and police alike, she escapes the hospital and runs off into the sewers.

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There, she runs into the Nogitsune. The trickster spirit has had Allison resurrected with limited memories in order to manipulate her into killing ex-boyfriend Scott and making her best friend Lydia suffer. Therefore, he takes on the appearance of her late mother, who Derek bit in order to protect Scott – she then killed herself to avoid becoming a werewolf – and convinces Allison that she has to make werewolves pay for the damage that they’ve caused.

Essentially, Allison has devolved into something like she was in Season 2, someone who wants to kill all werewolves, especially Derek Hale. Therefore, she hunts him and his son Eli down for a good portion of the film. She also doesn’t hesitate to attack Scott, as the latter begs her to remember how much they once loved each other.

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Eventually, her memories of Scott come flooding back, and she returns to her old self. She re-joins the pack, helps in the fight against the Nogitsune, and survives.

So, to summarize, she was resurrected by the Nogitsune to mess with Scott and Lydia, but she wasn’t an illusion – her body was simply recreated. It’s like she was blipped, à la the Avengers.

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She ends the movie back together with Scott (he and Malia have long since broken up) and vows to make the most of her returned life, while still “protecting those who cannot protect themselves.” This ending makes you wonder if that’s what the show was planning from the start, with the ship Scallison as endgame.

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There is a character that dies and stays dead in the movie however, which you can read about here.

Who is the villain of the Teen Wolf movie?

Firstly, the obvious answer: The Nogitsune is the main villain of Teen Wolf: The Movie, as he is the one who manipulates Allison into acting as a tool for him. His motivation is nothing but strife, chaos, and pain, and there is clearly no reasoning with him.

However, there is also a twist villain. We see at the very beginning of the film that someone, shrouded in a cloak, frees the demon spirit, and that person is later revealed. So who is it?

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Well, it’s none other than Mr Harris, the mean chemistry teacher from the earlier seasons of the show. No, we’re not kidding.

For those who can’t remember who Adrian Harris (Adam Fristoe) is, he was the chemistry teacher that gave Kate Argent the idea of burning down the Hale house in Season 1. He also gave Stiles a hard time in Season 2 after he was questioned by his dad, Sherriff Stillinski. Finally, he was seemingly killed by the Darach in Season 3A, during the “demented druid’s” sacrificial rampage.

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It’s a bit of a question how he survived (he still has the garrotted marks on his neck), and how he now knows all about the supernatural, but now he blames Scott and Lydia for his almost death. Therefore, he wants them to suffer just as much as he did.

And who better to make them suffer than the Nogitsune? As stated by Harris, “I knew the Nogitsune was to chaotic to play this game on his own. He needed me to help him win.”

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To find out how these villains are stopped, read here.

Teen Wolf: The Movie is currently available to stream on Paramount+. You can also check out more of our coverage of the film here.

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