Stranger Things writers reveal dark plot twist for Will they scrapped in Season 2

Stranger Things BobYouTube: Netflix

The Stranger Things writers revealed that Bob Newby almost met a different, more heartbreaking fate in Season 2. Spoilers for Stranger Things below.

Bob Newby (Sean Astin) stole the hearts of Stranger Things fans during the second season as the earnest, yet dorky, boyfriend to Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder).

When he met his final, unfortunate demise with the demodogs in the penultimate episode, fans were understandably upset to lose such a wholesome character and talented actor.

But, according to the writers of Stranger Things, the fans were actually spared; Bob almost met an even more heartbreaking end.

Stranger Things writers originally had a more horrifying death planned for Bob

In Season 2, Joyce’s son Will Byers is still recovering from his encounter in the Upside Down, during which he develops a connection to the Mind Flayer.

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The Mind Flayer is eventually able to use this connection to hijack Will, manipulating him to cause mayhem for the gang at Hawkins.

Part of this manipulation is how the demodogs are able to escape the Upside Down and eventually murder Bob, but the Mind Flayer was originally going to use this connection in a more direct way, according to the Stranger Things writers.

While watching Bob get devoured by demodogs was traumatic, seeing him get killed by a possessed Will would have been infinitely worse. Bob was the person who encouraged Will to stand up to his fears, which ultimately caused the Mind Flayer to take control of Will again.

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It’s not clear why the writers changed this plot point, but Stranger Things fans will certainly feel better knowing they didn’t have to watch Will kill his father figure, even if he did think Bob was lame.