Stranger Things Season 5: David Harbour wants Hopper to “get what he deserves”

David Harbour in Stranger Things Season 4Netflix

David Harbour has revealed what he wants from Stranger Things Season 5: for Hopper to get what he deserves by the time the credits roll on the final chapter.

It’s hard to believe, but this time in 2024, Netflix’s flagship show will be over and done with. Sure, there’s plans for a spinoff, but the show that’s defined the new era of streaming will be complete.

Stranger Things Season 4 was a phenomenon earlier this year, whether it’s the worldwide mourning of Eddie Munson or the chart-topping success of Running Up That Hill.

The weight of the wait for Season 5 will only get heavier, but David Harbour knows what he wants to see from the show before it reaches the end.

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David Harbour teases Stranger Things Season 5

In a new interview with Total Film to mark the release of Violent Night, Harbour spoke briefly about the plans for Stranger Things Season 5 – which he isn’t privy to, although he seems to know the rough outline.

“I have some idea of shape and structure, and what the overall thing is, but I don’t have a lot of specifics yet,” he said.

“I’m very trusting of the way [the Duffer Brothers] go about it. I have my ideas each season about what I would like to see him go through – I send them an email – and often they’re very responsive to that. But I haven’t got a full script yet for Episode 1.”

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Explaining what he wants from the final season, Harbour continued: “It’s funny. I believe in a fundamental morality in storytelling, and that characters should get what they deserve. Which is more complex than just smiles.

“But I certainly think that Hopper is someone who’s been through a lot. I think he deserves peace, so I’d like to see that achieved.

“But the real question you have to ask yourself is: are the Duffers Dickensian? Or are they Kafka-esque? Do they believe in the big turkey dinner at the end of A Christmas Carol? I wonder myself, you know? I’m very curious to see how it unfolds.”

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The title of the first episode of Season 5 was recently revealed, and fans have been speculating over what it could mean.

Stranger Things Season 5 doesn’t have a release date at the time of writing. To find out more, click here.