Stranger Things actor is still working a summer job as a lifeguard

Josh Tyler
Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp

One Stranger Things actor is apparently still working a summer job, even though he doesn’t really need the money.

Stranger Things is one of the biggest television shows in the world and Netflix’s biggest property.

After the critically-acclaimed fourth season released earlier in 2022, the show once again came to rule pop culture, with viral trends on TikTok and Twitter coming from the show.

The show may have made the once-child actors (who are now young adults) massive stars, but that doesn’t mean that all the actors have let fame go to their heads.

Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp still has a summer job

Noah Schnapp discusses his summer job as a lifeguard.
Noah Schnapp discusses his summer job as a lifeguard.

In an interview with Flaunt, the actor who portrays Will Byers on Stranger Things – Noah Schnapp – discussed his decision to keep a summer job as a lifeguard, even though he definitely doesn’t need one.

“It’s kind of a ‘just for fun thing.’ I’ve kind of grown up with a normal life and normal friends and stuff outside of Stranger Things, so it’s kind of kept me grounded.”

And that grounded life seems to extend to his home life and future plans.

Schnapp, who graduated high school in 2022, also discussed his plans to attend The University of Pennsylvania in the fall. And, he’s not even pursuing film classes at Penn, instead opting for a business degree.

“Acting was just kind of repetitive, and I wanted to try something new,” Schnapp said. “Millie [Bobby Brown] is doing the same thing with her schooling—she’s kind of learning about other things. I thought it would make more sense to do something different. And business was a pretty clear next thing for me. ”

While he’s not completely out of acting just yet, as Schnapp will return for Stranger Things Season 5 that will begin filming at some point in the near future. Luckily his work as a lifeguard will keep him in great shape should Will need to hit the pool.

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