Spider-Man fans think Madame Web will confirm major crossover

Christopher Baggett
Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man and Sydney Sweeney as Spider-WomanSony Pictures

The Madame Web trailer introduces the next Spider-Man adjacent Sony hero, but fans are demanding to know if the films are actually set in the Amazing Spider-Man universe that starred Andrew Garfield.

Madame Web is the latest attempt by Sony to create a Spider-Man universe without, well, Spider-Man. 

The first trailer has no shortage of wall-crawling superheroes, though. Multiple Spider-Women, including Julia Carpenter (played by Sydney Sweeney) are featured in the trailer.

But the chief one – Spider-Man himself – is conspicuously absent from the trailer. Now, fans already burnt by Venom and Morbius are asking Sony where one specific Spidey is. 

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Fans demand Sony confirm its Spider-Man universe is Andrew Garfield’s

The outcry is practically unanimous: Sony needs to confirm its Spider-Man universe with Madame Web, and that Spider-Man needs to be Andrew Garfield. 

“Part of me thinks and hopes it’s for Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man as to why they decided to do all this.” one user commented, “Plus, the main plot for Madame Web is to keep an unborn Peter Parker alive for the spider verse.”

“What they need to do is just go ahead and confirm that Morbius, Madame Web, Kraven, and Venom movies all take place in the Andrew Garfield universe,” another added, “Then we can just rest easy knowing that all that shit will never be introduced into the MCU.”

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A general belief that Garfield’s Spider-Man would get a new film outing cropped up even before his appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Rumors have long persisted that Sony’s series of villain-centric Spider-Man films, kicking off with 2018’s Venom, were set in the same universe as The Amazing Spider-Man duology. 

Andrew garfield as spider-manMarvel/Sony
Fans believe Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man universe lives on through its villain-focused films.

Though those rumors have never been officially addressed, the idea that Venom, its sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage, 2022’s Morbius and the upcoming Kraven the Hunter all take place in Garfield’s Amazing universe have persisted. Now, fans are applying the same logic to Madame Web. 

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“The other Sony Verse movies take place after the Madame Web movie, but if my theory is correct, I want Peter Parker to be played as Andrew Garfield so that the TASM movies are part of the Sony Verse.” added one fan

“This looks bad in a good way. Terminator in the spider verse is weird enough to work,” said one fan, “Can we get confirmation Andrew Garfield and Venom are in the same verse through this?”

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As of this writing, there are no announced plans for Andrew Garfield to return as Spider-Man. Madame Web is slated for a February 14, 2024 release. For more Madame Web news, be sure to follow all of Dexerto’s coverage.

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