She-Hulk is getting review-bombed before first episode drops

Josh Tyler
A still from She-Hulk

She-Hulk’s IMDb page is getting review-bombed despite the fact that the first episode is not even out yet.

The next installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will follow the cousin of Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters, as she transforms and becomes the She-Hulk.

Although She-Hulk isn’t a controversial figure in the comics, the upcoming portrayal seems to have drawn the ire of some viewers. The show is facing review-bombing on IMDb ahead of its official release.

Review-bombing can be identified as more than a project getting bad reviews by the spread of reviews. Typically, when a show or movie gets review-bombed, it faces a disproportionate number of one-star reviews.

As the MCU Direct points out, this is the case for She-Hulk, which is getting more positive reviews from women and younger men, but “significant negativity from men over 30.”

She-Hulk is getting review-bombed.

Among the reasons that reviewers cited for these one-star ratings were the adult themes set to be explored in She-Hulk and the poor VFX.

However, MCU Direct also notes that the show has faced criticism online for the series’ comedic tone and how the Hulk is being portrayed. This could have some older male fans riled up at seeing a beloved Marvel character changed.

And this isn’t the first time an MCU project has faced review-bombing, with Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel both getting flooded with one-star reviews in the past.

Dexerto’s review said She-Hulk Overall, “is still worth a watch, and probably better than many critics expected.”