She-Hulk actress reveals why her character doesn’t go full ‘Hulk’ rage mode

Josh Tyler
Tatiana Maslany discusses why She-Hulk is different from the Hulk.

Tatiana Maslany explained why She-Hulk is still able to keep control when she is raging, unlike her counterpart.

She-Hulk differs from the Hulk in a lot of different ways, such as being able to break the fourth wall, but by far the biggest is that she retains her personality and intelligence when she transforms.

Whereas Bruce Banner completely loses control to the Hulk after he transforms, Jennifer Walters is still able to keep control of her mind, even being able to function as a lawyer while in She-Hulk form.

This has been a question as to why She-Hulk retains this power, while Bruce Banner needed to spend time in a gamma lab in order to fuse the personality of Bruce with the strength of the Hulk.

She-Hulk actress Tatiana Maslany has a theory.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert, Maslany gave her insight into why She-Hulk does not have the same issue that the Hulk does of losing control.

“Because women have been socially taught to repress and control their emotions in order to survive. So she’s like, ‘I’m so good at dealing with my rage. I deal with it constantly. I deal with fear constantly.’ So she’s able to just navigate it effortlessly.”

Though some fans may balk at this explanation, it actually does follow with some of Walter’s comic background.

He has been able to increase her strength as She-Hulk by training in Walters form, so it would make sense that being better able to deal with anger would make She-Hulk less able to overpower her.

In fact, in the previous trailers and clips from She-Hulk, we do see Jennifer and Bruce meditating and doing yoga, so it does appear that they are working to understand how to best keep these two personalities in harmony.