Scream 6 star hints being cast in MCU’s Fantastic Four

Cameron Frew
Mason Gooding and the cast of Scream 6 and a still of the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four

What’s your favorite… superhero movie? One of the stars of Scream 6 may have just hinted at them starring in the MCU’s Fantastic Four.

If there are two categories of movies guaranteed to make bank at the box office right now, it’s superheroes and horror. The former has tightened its chokehold on cinemas for the past 15 years, while audiences still flock to the big screen for original movies like Pearl, Barbarian and… Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey.

Scream 6, the sixth installment in the franchise and sequel to last year’s superb revival, is continuing the trend: it’s garnered critical acclaim and already grossed more than $80 million worldwide.

While its success has paved the way for Scream 7 – some say it might start filming this October – there could be a massive movie on the horizon for one of the core four.

Scream 6 star teases Fantastic Four role

In a new Instagram post, Mason Gooding shared a photo of him holding a lighter with the caption “Flame on, as the kids say.”

If you somehow don’t know, “flame on” is the catchphrase of the Human Torch. The character was memorably played by Chris Evans in a pre-MCU world, before Michael B. Jordan portrayed him in the disastrous reboot.

So, has Gooding been cast in the MCU’s long-awaited movie? We don’t know, and while it could just be a fun, meaningless caption, fans are already excited at the prospect of him taking on the role.

“If this is true I will be SO HAPPY. He’s great, love his energy,” one user wrote. “Ya know what from what I’ve seen of him in the Scream movies, this could actually work. Has the right amount of charm/himbo energy for Johnny,” another tweeted.

Here’s another thing: Gooding has even spoken about it, earlier responding to fan casts in an interview with Men’s Health.

“First of all, the Fantastic Four is one of the more underrated properties in the whole Marvel lexicon. I try not to think too far forward about what it would be like to be a superhero I’ve admired for so long; I’ve seen Fantastic Four and specifically Human Torch on Twitter,” he said.

“And that’s ultimately what led me to not be on Twitter as much, because I’ll get so excited about the thought. I’ve always loved, specifically, fire superpowers, whether it was being a firebender in Avatar, or Shinra in Fire Force.

“So, that particular character was so exciting to see anything about. But I try my best not to get caught up in that, because I will not be able to think about anything else in my day.”

Fantastic Four is expected to hit cinemas on February 14, 2025. Find out more here.