Ryan Reynolds mocks ‘R-rated’ Disney classics as Deadpool joins Disney Plus

Josh Tyler
Deadpool takes shots at Disney properties

Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and Logan are coming to Disney Plus, but Ryan Reynolds doesn’t think they’re the first R-rated movies on the streaming service.

A big question that many Marvel fans had following the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney was how the darker tone of the X-Men would balance with the brighter, joke-filled vibes of the MCU.

In particular, there were huge questions about the R-rated X-Men films – Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and Logan – would be integrated into the MCU. On top of the continuity issues for the regular X-Men movies, Disney and Marvel have consistently kept their movies family-friendly.

Although it has been confirmed that the upcoming Deadpool 3 will be R-rated, fans are still skeptical that Disney will be fully set to integrate these more mature movies.

However, today Disney announced that Deadpool and its sequel, along with Logan, would become the first R-rated movies on Disney Plus.

The stars of both movies, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds, both took to social media to thank Disney for this worthy inclusion.

On Instagram, Jackman thanked the studio, but also jokingly mocked the choice to include the movies as a “questionable” choice. Reynolds did one better.

On Twitter, Ryan Reynolds disputed the claim that these three movies were the first R-rated films on Disney Plus. Instead, he joked, there are several movies in the classic vault that should be “rated R for irreversible trauma.”

Among the movies Reynolds says are R-rated are Snow White, Bambi, Old Yeller, and the Lion King.

He gives joking R-rated preview screens for each, advising viewers that the beloved animated classics are not approved by all audiences due to “crimes” that include “borderline polyandry” in the case of Snow White and “very possibly half-sibling lovin’ or at least kissin’cousins. Seriously.” in the case of the Lion King.

These types of humorous jabs are the fare that many Deadpool fans are hoping to get once the Merc with a Mouth officially joins the MCU and gets a whole lot of Disney material to take aim at.