Unearthed clip of A-list Doctor Who fan goes viral

Jasmine Valentine
Matt Smith in Doctor Who

Who isn’t familiar with Doctor Who? According to a now-viral interview clip, one A-lister has been a “mega fan” for quite some time.

It’s been a busy time in the wider world of Doctor Who. With three anniversary specials now under its belt, the show begins its foray into the adventures of the Fifteenth Doctor, starting with Christmas Day’s The Church on Ruby Road.

For those outside of the UK, decades of Doctor Who might have gone unnoticed, remaining a stalwart figure on the other side of the pond.

However, one A-List actor is actually a “mega fan” of the show, with an unearthed interview clip now going viral on social media.

Ryan Gosling praises Doctor Who in viral clip

A clip from an old interview featuring Ryan Gosling has gone viral on social media, highlighting that the A-list star is in fact a Doctor Who “mega fan.”

In the video, Gosling can be heard saying: “I saw this scene from Doctor Who where Matt Smith comes in and he’s got a microphone, and he’s giving all these alien spaceships hell. It seemed to me, like as an actor, as a scene that would be really hard to do and hard to be good in.

“I’m pretty sure those spaceships weren’t there at the time that they shot it,” he continues. “It was just so good, so intense – he reminds me of an actor from the 70s. He just has this ‘thing.’ There’s nobody like him.”

Ryan Gosling worked alongside Matt Smith in the 2014 film Lost River, where it first came to light that he was a fan of the hit sci-fi show.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Gosling explains how Smith was an ideal fit for his directorial debut. “I was writing and I heard his voice. Doctor Who was on TV and he was doing a scene where he had a microphone and he was literally ruling the universe telling these spaceships how it was going to be.

“I’ve never really seen anybody that looks like him or is like him. He’s his own thing. I got really about working with him and I was so happy he came on to do the film.”

Gosling’s knowledge doesn’t just extend to the Matt Smith-verse, having more recently told Barbie co-star Ncuti Gatwa how much of a fan he was.

“I am such a big fan of Ncuti’s, he’s the coolest and him playing Doctor Who is like, the most exciting thing that’s happening right now,” Gosling stated on BBC’s The One Show [via Entertainment Weekly].

“Petition for Ryan Gosling and Lady Gaga to play a Robert Holmes-style double act in a Christmas special,” one fan posted on X/Twitter in response to the now-viral clip.

“That’s actually so cool. I hope Matt Smith has seen this,” added another, with a third commenting “Ryan Gosling is DEF coming to Doctor Who in the next few years…”

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