Renfield ending explained – What happens to Nicolas Cage’s Dracula

Nicolas Cage as Dracula in Renfield.Universal Pictures

High-concept comedy Renfield hit screens today, so it’s time to examine that ending, what happens to Nicolas Cage’s Dracula, and how that might lead into any potential sequel.

Renfield is a horror-comedy that stars Nicholas Hoult as the title character, a servant in thrall to his master Count Dracula, played by Cage.

You can read our review of Renfield here, while the following is the official synopsis: “In this modern monster tale of Dracula’s loyal servant, Nicholas Hoult stars as Renfield, the tortured aide to history’s most narcissistic boss, Dracula. Renfield is forced to procure his master’s prey and do his every bidding, no matter how debased. But now, after centuries of servitude, Renfield is ready to see if there’s a life outside the shadow of The Prince of Darkness. If only he can figure out how to end his codependency.”

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We’re now going to detail how that all plays out now, so BEWARE OF RENFIELD SPOILERS AHEAD…

Renfield ending explained

At the end of Renfield, all the heroes and villains congregate at the Lobo headquarters, where they go at each other in violent vampire fashion.

Renfield and Teddy have a spectacular fight in the lobby, which the now former familiar wins in spectacularly bloody fashion.

Meanwhile upstairs, Dracula tells Rebecca he will bring her sister back to life with his blood if she joins him. Rebecca embraces the vampire, believing she can locate the light in his darkness. But it’s a ruse, as she then opens the shutters, exposing him to light, and causing Dracula to explode into hundreds of bats.

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The action then drops down into the basement, where the Count reassembles, and the endgame begins proper.

What happens to Nicolas Cage’s Dracula?

In said basement, Renfield is mortally wounded, but Rebecca shoots Dracula in the foot, which bleeds onto our hero, bringing him back to life.

This being a movie about therapy, Renfield then uses self-help mantras to take the power back from Dracula, telling himself “I am enough, I have enough, I am capable of change because I love myself.”

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Renfield and Rebecca set up a ‘Protection Circle’ – in cocaine – and beat Dracula to death inside. They then poison him, throw holy water on him, and cut him up – basically do everything they can to kill the un-killable.

For his part, Dracula seems pretty chill, stating that he wants to spend a season in hell. But they aren’t done there, the dynamic duo sticking what’s left of the vamp into concrete blocks made out of holy water, then flushing them down a drain. Renfield admits that this might not kill the Count, but adds that it will take him a long time to return.

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The film ends by tying up a bunch of loose ends, with Teddy’s mom arrested, Rebecca’s sister returning from the dead, and Renfield using Dracula’s blood to bring his therapy circle back to life.

Is there a post-credits scene at the end of Renfield?

There is no post-credits scene at the end of Renfield. Nor is there a mid-credits scene. So nothing is set up for a sequel, beyond that mention of Dracula very possibly – eventually – being able to return.

Then an unexpected – but very fitting – song plays over those credits, which you can find out about here.

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Renfield is out now and you can read about the history of the character here. We also spoke to Ben Schwartz – who play’s the film’s bad guy Teddy Lobo – and asked him to pick his favorite movie villains, the result of which can be viewed here.

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