Rejected Ms Marvel actress leaks script amid casting confirmation

Jacob Hale
Dua ms marvel leaks script

[jwplayer FYh8Nu86] An actress who claimed to have been asked to audition for the lead role of Kamala Khan in Ms Marvel violated her NDA and leaked some of the script online to prove that she was telling the truth.

On Wednesday, September 30, Marvel confirmed that 18-year-old Iman Vellani would be playing Khan, otherwise known as Ms Marvel herself, in the upcoming Disney+ series.

Though Vellani seems to have already managed to warm herself to fans, one aspiring actress seems to have done quite the opposite.

A young woman named Dua, who went on Twitter by LedomasFilm, tweeted that Marvel/Disney had contacted her to audition for the role and, before long, the meltdown ensued.

dua leak ms marvel
Dua revealed that she had been contacted by Marvel to audition for Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel.

Naturally, as social media does, many people accused her of lying about it and questioned the legitimacy of her claims, especially with how much reach Marvel and Disney have so, realistically, they could cast just about anyone they wanted.

What those naysayers didn’t expect, though, was Dua to come back with receipts, including screenshots of her signed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a copy of the script.

The script appeared to just contain a conversation between two characters and, while it doesn’t give too much away, you can expect some Marvel sleuths to pull as much information as they can from it before long.

Really, what makes this as controversial as it is was the decision to also share screenshots of the NDA. Though it does provide evidence of Dua’s audition for the role, it’s an NDA for a reason: you’re legally obligated not to share it or disclose information from it and, while she covered up most of the incriminating parts, it still seems like a clear violation of the agreement.

Since the tweets blew up, Dua’s account has been suspended by Twitter, but we imagine that’s the least of her worries right now, because Marvel and Disney are probably the two worst bridges to burn in the film industry.

It’s unclear what happens next for Dua and Ms Marvel, but updates will be provided as and when they’re available.

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