Harry Styles rumored to play a role in new secret Marvel movie

. 2 years ago
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Instagram, @harrystyles / Marvel

A recent rumor revealed that Harry Styles is in an undisclosed Marvel movie, which has prompted an absolute surge of speculation and excitement from fans.

People really like Marvel and people like Harry Styles, so it should be no surprise that fans are absolutely losing it at the prospect that those two worlds could be colliding. As of yet, there is no confirmation of anything, whether that be Styles’ role or the specific Marvel film — but there’s enough to drive speculation in multiple directions.

In a since-deleted Tweet, Variety journalist and host of Netflix’s podcast, Kris Tapley, responded to a tweet describing Styles’ role in Olivia Wilde’s as his first acting gig since by implying that this would actually be his second.

Twitter, @kristapley
Kris Tapley’s now-deleted tweet about Styles’ role in a secret Marvel movie.

In the response, Tapley succinctly drove what would turn into a frenzy for fans of Styles: “Second, if we’re counting the Marvel movie no one knows he’s in.”

What can be gathered from that response is that Styles was cast, and acted, in a movie within the Marvel universe – and considering no one knew about his involvement, that film has likely been kept relatively under wraps, as well. Second, what can be gathered from Tapley’s deletion of the tweet is that he became concerned with the Styles stan community taking this information and running it into the ground.


Among the theories being thrown out there, the two biggest are that Styles may be involved in the next Marvel movie Sony has enlisted Olivia Wilde to produce – and the possibility that he will instead be joining the cast of Marvel’s , which is produced by Marvel Studios, themselves.

This latter theory could hold serious weight, as the actor, Richard Madden, confirmed in an interview, when asked about being starstruck by his fellow actors, that the confirmed cast will most certainly be expanding: “I always get starstruck, yeah. And there’s some more actors yet to be announced in that lineup, which is gonna be crazy.”

As noted by Styles’ enthusiastic fanbase, Madden and Styles actually followed each other on Instagram back in December 2019. While that could end up not meaning much, where there is smoke, there is usually fire, and Eternals was filming during that period.

The ’ first trailer premiered in April and fans have been desperate to find out more ever since. As far as “crazy” new casting additions go, Styles would most certainly rank highly. 

Still, everything is entirely mysterious right now. The tweet is deleted, simply spurring more rampant speculation surrounding Wilde’s film (Styles in , perhaps?), the , or some entirely other secret that no one, outside of a privileged few like Tapley, is aware of.

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