Paddy Considine cast as Viserys Targaryen in GoT House of the Dragon

Tanner Pierce

English actor Paddy Considine who has starred in shows like Peaky Blinders, The Outsider, and The Third Day, has been cast as Viserys Targaryen in the upcoming Game of Thrones spin-off titled House of the Dragon.

According to both HBO and Deadline, Viserys is a decent and kind person, and the show will deal with his succession as king from his grandfather Jaehaerys.

The Targeryen line obviously has a ton to do with the GoT mythos. The show is set 200 years before Game of Thrones and, as most people might recognize by the last name, Viserys is the ancestor of both Daenerys Targaryen and (spoiler alert!) Jon Snow.

Paddy Considine most recently starred in the HBO show The Third Day, opposite Jude Law.

In addition, the character also shares the same first name as Daenerys’ brother from the first season of the main show – although given the time period of this spin-off, it should be abundantly clear that they are not the same character.

Up until this point, very little about the series was revealed. Currently, we really only know that it has to deal with House Targeryen, as HBO is being very tight-lipped over the details. Although the final season of Game of Thrones was pretty much universally panned, there’s still a ton of attention and hype for the upcoming spin-off.

As previously announced by HBO, Miguel Sapochnik is set to be one of the showrunners on the series. He previously directed Battle of the Bastards, which is highly regarded as one of the best episodes in the entire length of Game of Thrones.

Given the fact that we already have casting news, it wouldn’t be surprising if this is the first of many pieces of news about the show. With HBO previously predicting that it will be released in 2022, filming will also have to start in the near future, and when that does, we’ll surely know more.

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