Olivia Wilde denies Shia LaBeouf quit Don’t Worry Darling

Cameron Frew
Olivia Wilde in Don't Worry Darling

Olivia Wilde has denied Shia LaBeouf’s claims that he quit Don’t Worry Darling, coming after original reports said she fired him from the project.

LaBeouf was originally set to star alongside Florence Pugh in the film, but he left the movie shortly thereafter, with Harry Styles filling his role.

Warner Bros. initially attributed it to “scheduling conflicts,” before Wilde said she fired him and later cited her “no assholes” policy.

However, after months of radio silence following FKA Twigs’ lawsuit against him, LaBeouf emerged recently to contest Wilde’s account of his exit, claiming he quit the movie and asking the director to clarify this. Now, she’s doubled down.

Olivia Wilde says Shia LaBeouf was “replaced” in Don’t Worry Darling

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, published following the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Wilde addressed the controversy sparked by LaBeouf’s allegations.

“This issue is so much more nuanced than can be explained in private texts released out of context. All I’ll say is he was replaced, and there was no going forward with him. I wish him the best in his recovery,” she said.

Wilde explained that she had to “make the call” after Pugh allegedly felt uncomfortable working with LaBeouf. “My responsibility was towards her. I’m like a mother wolf,” she said.

Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh in Don't Worry Darling
People think Florence Pugh and Olivia Wilde fell out during production.

“Making the call was tricky, but in a way he understood. I don’t think it would’ve been a process he enjoyed. He comes at his work with an intensity that can be combative. It wasn’t the ethos that I demand in my productions.

“I want him to get well and to evolve because I think it’s a great loss to the film industry when someone that talented is unable to work.”

This also comes after footage leaked online of a video Wilde seemingly filmed for LaBeouf prior to his departure from the movie. “You know, I think this might be a bit of a wake-up call for Miss Flo, and I want to know if you’re open to giving this a shot with me, with us,” she says in the clip.

“If she really commits, if she really puts her mind and heart into it at this point and if you guys can make peace – and I respect your point of view, I respect hers – but if you guys can do it, what do you think? Is there hope? Will you let me know.”

Don’t Worry Darling hits cinemas on September 23.