National Treasure 3 script being sent to Nicolas Cage “shortly”

Cameron Frew
Nicolas Cage in National Treasure

National Treasure 3 has a “really good” script and it’s being sent to Nicolas Cage soon, according to Jerry Bruckheimer.

Cage has near-countless memorable quotes, but in 2004, he said eight words which became legendary: “I’m going to steal the Declaration of Independence.”

National Treasure was a hit. It landed well with critics, became a firm family favorite, and grossed more than $347 million worldwide, quickly spawning a sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

The follow-up cost more money, but it had a bigger box office haul, raking in nearly $460 million. Yet, it’s been 15 years, and we’ve yet to see a threequel. Soon, our wish may come true.

National Treasure 3 is “really good” and Nicolas Cage will get the script “shortly”

In a new interview with Comic Book around the release (and high-grossing success) of Top Gun: Maverick, longtime Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer gave a rare update on National Treasure 3.

“Let’s hope we’re working on the script right now. Hopefully [Cage] likes it, but it’s really good. So I think we’ll get it to him shortly,” he said.

The franchise is due to relaunch on Disney+ next year with National Treasure: Edge of History, a TV series following an all-new younger cast, with Justin Bartha reprising his role as Riley Poole from the original film.

As for whether we can expect to see Cage in the show, co-creator Marianne Wibberley told Deadline: “We’re going to beg and plead and whatever.

“We’ll have him in two seconds. He’s our favorite actor out of everyone. We pitched him as Ben Gates before he was Ben Gates. He was our first choice.”

What’s happened to National Treasure 3?

National Treasure 3 has been in development since at least 2008, but progress has been slow. In 2013, director Jon Turteltaub said the delays were due to struggles with the script, although production was slated to begin in 2015.

Over the past nine years, every update has been similar: the movie is happening, but they haven’t been able to get the script to a point where everyone is happy. So, if Bruckheimer is saying it’s completed and ready to be sent to Cage, it’s a major update.

Earlier this year, Cage spoke to GQ about the long-awaited sequel. “The phone stopped ringing,” he said.

“It was like, ‘What do you mean we’re not doing National Treasure 3? It’s been 14 years. Why not?’ Well, Sorcerer’s Apprentice didn’t work, and Ghost Rider didn’t really sell tickets. And Drive Angry, that just came and went.”

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