Marvel’s Kevin Feige created Doctor Strange 2’s most gruesome moment

Sam Comrie
John Krasinski as Reed Richards being killed in Doctor Strange 2 and Kevin Feige

Marvel Studio president Kevin Feige created one of Doctor Strange’2 goriest moments, according to the movie’s VFX house.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness marked a new chapter for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, by ramping up the horror more than ever before. With Evil Dead franchise maestro Sam Raimi behind the camera, many assumed that the movie’s most violent deaths were his trademark.

Legendary VFX house ILM has revealed that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige concocted the death of a fan-favorite hero.

Spoilers ahead for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness…

an image of elizabeth olsen in marvel doctor strange 2
Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff reigned terror across the MCU in the Doctor Strange sequel.

Kevin Feige masterminded Reed Richards’s terrifying MCU death

VFX company ILM revealed in an interview with Befores and Afters that Kevin Feige suggested Reed Richards should suffer a brutal death. According to visual effect supervisor Julian Foddy, “the starting point there was some reference that was passed to us by Janek Sirrs directly from Kevin Feige.”

“It was someone passing a lump of modeling clay or Play-doh through a garlic press,” Foddy continued.

“Janek [Sirrs] also had some reference of the Play-doh ‘Barber Shop’ toy, which was a little figure with holes in the head and you’d turn a handle and the Play-doh would come out. That was the kind of look we were going for.”

An image of John Krasinski and Hayley Atwell in Marvel Doctor Strange 2
John Krasinski appeared as Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards as a result of passionate fan-casting.

Many audience members were shocked when John Krasinski’s Reed Richards appeared in Doctor Strange 2. The character’s short-lived screen-time was even more horrifying considering that Richards was reduced to nothing but a bloody spaghetti pulp.

Krasinski’s future in the MCU as Reed Richards is up for debate, as director Sam Raimi said in the movie’s commentary track that “because this is an alternate universe, I think Kevin said, Let’s make that dream come true.”

While his appearance may be due to intense fan-casting, there is always hope Krasinski will return.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is available to stream on Disney+ now.