Late actor Lee Sun-kyun’s posthumous movie gets a release date

Gabriela Silva
Lee Sun-kyung in Project Silence poster.

Parasite actor Lee Sun-kyun’s newest movie, Project Silence, will be one of the first projects to release after his death in December 2023.

Lee Sun-kyun made a name for himself as a prominent actor starring in well-known movies and dramas like My Mister and the Oscar-winning movie Parasite.

In December of 2023, Lee died by suicide after a lengthy investigation by police over his supposed involvement in illegal drug use. His death shook the Korean entertainment industry.

But it’s not the last time fans will see Lee on screen. The actor stars in the 2024 movie Project Silence, which was announced to have an official release date of July 12, 2024.

Project Silence is a survival movie where the lead characters try to stay alive after an airport bridge is covered in a strange, dense fog that causes multiple car accidents.

Among those on the bridge is Cha Jung Won (Lee Sun-kyung), an administrator of the Security Office who is taking his daughter to the airport to study abroad and Jo Bak (Ju Ji-hoon), a truck driver.

Countless people are trapped, and the bridge is in danger of collapsing, but that’s not the worst of it. Dogs called Echo from the military’s Project Silence are secretly being transported through the bridge.

With the fog and accidents causing mayhem, the dogs are released and become predators with Dr. Yang (Kim Hee-won), one of the senior researchers of Project Silence, watching everything unfold.

The movie was originally released at the 2023 Cannes Festival with less than favorable reviews. The South China Morning Post reviewed the movie for having “half-baked twists” and “misplaced comedy.”

Project Silence isn’t the first time Lee graced the Cannes red carpet. It was his third time overall, having also been invited for his role in Parasite by Bong Joon-ho and for his leading role in Jason Yu’s Sleep.

The 2024 disaster movie joins a list of other works within the genre like the well-received Concrete Utopia and Netflix’s Badland Hunters.

Project Silence won’t be the only movie Lee will star in this year. He is also set to star as Park Tae-ju in the movie The Land of Happiness.

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