Kevin Costner isn’t the most popular Yellowstone star

Jessica Cullen
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John Dutton might be the head honcho of TV’s most famous ranch, but that doesn’t mean Kevin Costner is automatically the most popular Yellowstone star.

While Yellowstone fans have been waiting patiently for the arrival of Yellowstone season 5 Part 2, there’s not been much to do other than sit and wait… and ruminate on the best Yellowstone characters and cast members, of course.

Naturally, Kevin Costner is bound to appear up high on anyone’s ranking of the Yellowstone cast. The actor has spent his career starring in epic historical dramas like Dances with Wolves and Robin Hood, as well as some unusual but equally entertaining turns in movies like Waterworld and The Bodyguard.

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Until his recent exit as Yellowstone’s leading man, Costner could be seen running the Dutton ranch, trying to wrangle those troublesome kids of his and keeping the American dream alive. The entire series essentially sits in the palm of his hand, right? Surely he’s the top dog. But funnily enough, some recent stats reveal that Costner is in fact not the most popular Yellowstone cast member by quite a margin.

According to viewing figures released on February 9, the most popular Yellowstone star on Wikipedia is actually Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton on the drama series.

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Reilly topped the rest of the cast on that day by racking up 10,056 page views, whereas Costner (who came in second place) had 8,500. The next most popular stars who followed were Cole Hauser, Lainey Wilson, and Neal McDonough, who play Rip, Abby, and Malcolm Beck, respectively.

While it might surprise some fans that the main star of the Taylor Sheridan series isn’t the most-viewed cast member, it shouldn’t be completely shocking that Reilly is the one to have outdone him. Beth Dutton is easily the most quotable character on the show, features in some of the most dramatic moments, and has become the biggest cultural icon in the entire roster of Duttons.

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Still, there’s always room for those stats to change. And with John Dutton’s fate soon to be revealed, there’s definitely potential for Costner’s search to rise when the end of Yellowstone eventually hits our screens.

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