Jordan Peele hilariously shuts down Twitter thread declaring him “best horror director”

Jordan Peele TwitterJustin Lubin / Universal / Everett

Director Jordan Peele has poked fun at a fan on Twitter, shutting down the idea that he is the best horror director of all time in hilarious fashion.

Jordan Peele’s transformation from comedy sketch actor to one of the more prominent horror directors of the 2010s has taken the entertainment industry by storm. Now thanks to his recent success in the horror genre, fans online are calling him one of the best.

This conversation and discourse all came about thanks to a tweet made by comic artist and illustrator Adam Ellis. He took to Twitter to express his admiration for the direction.

Ellis does preface his comments by calling them a “hot take”. However, he then goes on to call Jordan Peele the “best horror director of all time.”

His reasoning for this is how he has created consistently good horror films and done so in succession. He posed the question: “Can you think of another horror director that had 3 great films, let alone 3 in a row?”

And while most people in the thread do agree with Ellis, one individual was very much so against the idea. That person is the man in question, Jordan Peele.

He simply replied: “Sir, please put the phone down I beg you.”

Peele then later added to his original comments stating “sorry, I love your enthusiasm but I will just not tolerate any John Carpenter slander.”

John Carpenter has a longstanding career and has been working on horror films and content since the 1970s. His first big horror hit was the 1978 Halloween film which has since become one of the biggest horror franchises. His body of work also includes films such as The Fog, The Thing and Escape from New York.

Carpenter is back working on the Halloween franchise, with Halloween Ends releasing later this year.

While Jordan Peele might be a newcomer to the horror scene, he has already begun making waves. This is in large part to his unique and unprecedented storytelling that is rarely seen in horror, starting with his award-winning breakout film Get Out in 2017.

Since then, Peele has gone on to direct two more horror films that have both been met with similar praise as his debut film. And while Jordan Peele may be a popular new horror director, his clap-back on Twitter shows that he is aware of the long history of great film makers that have come before him.

The latest film of the three, Nope, is currently in theatres across the world. Wanting to watch a horror movie? Here’s Dexerto’s list of underrated horror movies for you to check out now.