John Campea reveals the bizarre reason he leaked Spider-Man No Way Home photos

John Campea leaks Marvel spider-man picsMarvel/YouTube/JohnCampea

Movie insider and podcaster John Campea leaked a couple of photos supposedly from Spider-Man No Way Home 8 and explained exactly why he did so.

Spider-Man No Way Home is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and fans are absolutely hungry for more information on the Marvel film.

On November 8, Campea tweeted a couple of very key photos from the movie with his watermark on them that quickly went viral before they were swiftly deleted.

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With the internet confused over the photos and why Campea would pull them, he revealed exactly why on his November 9 episode of The John Campea Show.

Spider-Man suitMarvel
Spider-Man No Way Home is out in December.

Why were Spider-Man No Way Home leaks posted?

According to John Campea, he was under the impression that the leaks were fake and were sent to him as a joke. And as it turns out, he was sent four photos so there were more than he actually posted.

Considering whoever sent the photos didn’t want to be identified and John wanted to gain some Twitter traction, he slapped his watermark on the photos and tweeted them. Shortly thereafter, he was contacted by someone suggesting they were actually real.

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Panicked, he deleted the photos, but the damage had already been done and they had been reuploaded and shared all over the internet.

Campea also said a studio representative didn’t confirm if the photos were real, but he made it clear that it was completely accidental and the whole thing was a big mistake.

So, while the photos may still be fake, it seems like there’s a very strong indicator that they’re real and fans should be very wary about spotting leaks in the wild before the movie is out.

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Be careful out there. If you’re a big Spider-Man fan, you might want to mute the word “Spider-Man” on your social media feeds until the movie is out in December.

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