Jeffrey Dean Morgan opens up on potential Negan Walking Dead spinoff

Negan in Walking DeadGene Page / AMC

Negan has developed into one of the most gripping character in The Walking Dead TV series, and it looks like actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is down to do a spinoff.

The charismatic villain burst onto the scene in head-popping fashion back in Season 6, quite literally. The leader of the Saviors walked out of a trailer to reveal himself to Rick Grimes and the rest of the cast, before bashing Glenn Rhee’s entire body with a barbed wire bat he named Lucille.

Since that time, he’s been on a journey. Negan’s done just about everything an antagonist could do. He’s killed off key figures in the series, and even been locked up for an extended period of time where he managed to tone down his evil side.

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Next up could be a Walking Dead spinoff.

Negan in Walking Dead Season 6Gene Page / AMC
The Walking Dead has some interesting characters that could draw huge audiences with spinoffs, but Negan probably tops the list.

Negan actor comments on potential Walking Dead spinoff

Anybody who knows anything about The Walking Dead knows that Robert Kirkman is working on a spinoff movie for Rick Grimes, who was previously the series’ lead star. He even commented on it recently, claiming that they have big plans for the project that will soon be revealed.

On top of that, fans have been speculating about the same treatment for Negan. After all, there aren’t too many characters as interesting, and with as many layers, as the big man with the baseball bat.

During the TWD Universe Family Hangout, he was asked about the comic book series on Negan, and a potential spinoff.

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He said: “I loved it. I loved the idea of it that Kirkman and Charlie got together and did this to save comic book stores, these little shops, and then I loved the story.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan enters at 26:34 in the video below. 

“I think Negan has become so well-rounded and this sort of redemption arc he’s been on has been very interesting to play. And I think The Negan Lives comic book kind of carries that on. It’s a great little story, it’s just a little slice of a day in the life of.”

He added: “It’s great, and I always wanted to film that and the prequel… There’s so much we don’t know about him. Keep writing him Kirkman, and maybe we’ll get to them eventually.”

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In terms of whether or not he’s down for something like this, we have an answer – definitely. Will it happen sometime soon? Well, we’ll have to wait and see.