Is the Oppenheimer mac and cheese real?

Kayla Harrington
An Oppenheimer poster on a box of mac and cheese

A viral TikTok has claimed that Oppenheimer released a promotional Kraft mac and cheese box ahead of its premiere – but is it real?

There’s just three days until Christopher Nolan’s explosive film Oppenheimer hits theaters across the world.

The movie follows the life and work of scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer and his role in the development of the atomic bomb.

Fans have been incredibly excited to see this movie as promotional materials like trailers, posters, and more have been rolled out over the past few months. And now a viral TikTok has fans thinking that the Oppenheimer marketing team has branched into food to promote the film.

Can you buy the Oppenheimer mac and cheese?

No, the Oppenheimer mac and cheese isn’t real – it was made specifically for the TikTok video.

In a video posted by Drive Thru Goons, the group is seen in a grocery store where they point out a shelf of Kraft macaroni and cheese that depict Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer with an atomic bomb explosion occurring in the background. Check it out below:

The video ends with the group trying to make the mac and cheese, but realizing that two of the ingredients on the package are “plutonium” and “isotope 397012,” which are some of the components when making an atomic bomb. They then show stock footage of a house being blown up.

While most of the comments saw people playing along as they asked where they could find the box or saying that they’ve tried the product and it was “the bomb,” the actual mac and cheese box is not real as it seems that the TikTokers placed a paper cover over a regular box of Kraft macaroni.

But, while you can’t purchase Oppenheimer mac and cheese, you can check out the movie when it explodes into theaters on July 21.

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