How to watch Doctor Who Season 14 — Is it streaming?

Jessica Cullen
Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor, holding up his sonic screwdriver

Here’s how to watch Doctor Who Season 14, including details on where and when it’s available on streaming services, including Disney+.

The release of Doctor Who’s latest season is almost here, but before you strap on your boots and step into the TARDIS for a trip through time, you might want to double check how you can actually watch the Time Lord’s newest adventures.

Doctor Who Season 14 marks a major shift for the Doctor, as it’ll launch on both the BBC and Disney+. We’ve already got you covered on when the new episode of Doctor Who is out — in the spirit of getting you on your time-travelling quest as easily as possible, here’s everything you need to know about how to watch the newest season.

Below, you’ll find information on whether it’s streaming and what platforms you can find it on for both UK and US viewers. Happy travels!

How to watch Doctor Who Season 14

If you live in the UK, you can watch new Doctor Who Season 14 on BBC One or on BBC iPlayer every Saturday from May 11, 2024, and if you’re in the US or based internationally, you can stream it on Disney+ every Friday from May 10, 2024.

This is the first time that the series will be launching on Disney+, and the Doctor Who Season 14 release schedule also means that everyone around the world can watch new episodes at the same time.

Is Doctor Who Season 14 streaming?

Yes — Doctor Who Season 14 will be streaming on BBC iPlayer for UK viewers, and on Disney+ for US and international viewers.

It’ll land on BBC’s streaming service at midnight every Saturday from May 11, with the first two episodes, ‘Space Babies’ and ‘The Devil’s Chord’, arriving at the same time in the first week. It’ll also drop at the (equivalent) same time in the US at 7pm ET.

How to watch Doctor Who on BBC and BBC iPlayer

To watch Doctor Who Season 14 as soon as it arrives, head over to BBC iPlayer at midnight every Saturday from May 11, 2024, or tune-in to the BBC channel that same evening.

The new Doctor Who episodes will land on the streaming service first, at midnight. So, if you want to be one of the first to see it, it’s worth staying up and watching them as they launch. BBC iPlayer is also where the entire Doctor Who collection lives, so if you’re looking to catch-up, this is where you need to head!

Otherwise, the first two episodes will air on TV at 6:20pm BST and 7:05pm BST on BBC One during the first week, with times for following weeks to be confirmed.

How to watch Doctor Who on Disney+

New episodes of Doctor Who Season 14 will land on Disney+ at 7pm ET every Friday from May 10, 2024 for US and international viewers only.

If you’re looking to watch the rest of the Doctor Who catalog, there’s a catch. Disney+ only has the broadcast rights for Doctor Who, meaning that the rest of the series to date cannot be found on the same platform. Instead, you’ll have to head to Max, which houses the rest of Doctor Who for viewers in the US.

To ensure you don’t miss a new episode, you can sign-up to Disney Plus using the link below:

That’s it for how to watch Doctor Who Season 14! For more, check out our breakdown of the best Doctor Who Christmas specials, and read our ‘Space Babies’ review and ‘The Devil’s Chord’ review. Or, check out all the other new TV shows to stream this month.

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